Diya to fall in love with Ratan in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya calls up Ratan to know about his arrival. She gets restless in his absence. She asks him when is he coming home. She decides to wait for him and have dinner once he is back. Ratan has gone out for Abhay’s case. She asks Ratan to keep the case matter in a proper way. She advises him to call her back after reaching the hotel. She asks him to check Abhay’s house and try to collect some clues. Kakimaa sees Diya sitting at the dining table and having food. She asks Diya why isn’t she having food, why did she stop. She taunts Diya and asks him to fulfill her duties as a wife.

She asks Diya why did she tell Ratan about Abhay. She says you were Ratan’s guard before and no one objected to your work, but now you are Ratan’s wife and your behavior should be like Thakurain. She misunderstands Diya. She asks Diya to have food, since Ratan won’t have food because of her problems.

She pities Ratan to struggle so much after marrying Diya. Jiji also asks Diya to have food. Diya refuses to have food till Ratan comes back safely. Jiji asks her not to depend on Ratan for petty things, as she is independent. Diya recollects Ratan’s support. She tells Jiji that she can fight her own battle, but Ratan supported her in front of everyone without questioning her once. She is happy that Ratan stood by her without any doubt, which stunned her. She wants to support Ratan now. She gets talking more about Ratan. Jiji senses Diya is falling in love with Ratan. Will Diya realize her feelings for Ratan? Keep reading.


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