Teni’s take on Bhanushali’s honor in Dil Se Dil Tak


Indu gets a shocking news when the ladies club’ secretary comes home. The lady tells Indu that she didn’t wish to come to their house, but the matter was important. She cancels Indu’s club membership because of Parth, Teni and Shorvori’s relation. She feels if Indu has two bahus at home, what will she talk of women rights in the club. She doesn’t want the club to get defamed by the shameless relations. She says Indu can’t show the right path to the society, so she has to be out of the club.

Teni gets angry and yells on the lady. She asks the lady what is her club doing for the welfare of girls, many unborn girls are killed in womb, many girls are left uneducated, they are bearing injustice, you people just protest for few days and get done with your duty. She kicks out the lady from the house.

Teni consoles Indu. Kaki sees the drama and gets a new chance to trouble Teni. Kaki tells Dada ji that she has also faced such an insult when she went out. She says the entire society is shaming us, I can’t tolerate this further. Parth doesn’t care by the bad happenings. He asks him not to see such news and stop worrying. He says all this is a lie and I m happy till my family is happy. He doesn’t want anyone to break their relation.


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