TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Udaan Holi Special:Harman and entire family celebrates Holi. Harman stays away from Soumya. They get helping Chakor and Suraj. They don’t know the mystery completely. Suraj and Chakor get troubled by the ongoing things. Suraj gets to see Ishwar and can’t believe his eyes. Ishwar meets Suraj to guide him ahead. Suraj tells Chakor that he has just seen Ishwar. Ranvijay tries to bring the truth out that Suraj has recovered his memory. Chakor sees Ishwar and gets shocked thinking how did he come back. The holi will bring big twists in Chakor and Suraj’s lives. Imli and Ranvijay bring Vivaan and Bhaiya ji back, shockingly.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni and Niyati celebrate Gangaur in Rawat mansion. Falguni manages the house and office duties. Falguni wants Niyati to become perfect like her. IT officials come to raid Uttara’s house. Uttara gets troubled. She doesn’t want her reputation to spoil. Falguni is helping Suyash in business. She deals with the IT officials. Uttara wants to see how Falguni smartly handles the matters in her absence.


Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika faces a big humiliation when kinners reach her home and blacken her face to harass her. Kinners target Vedika and her daughter. Vedika tries hard to stop them. They surround Vedika and insult her with the dirty allegations. Vedika sheds tears. Badi Amma has planned this drama to trouble Vedika. She wants Vedika to leave from the city and never return in Sahil’s life. Sahil reaches Vedika in time and stops the insult. He challenges the kinners to harm Vedika if they dare to do so in front of him.

Laado 2:

Rantej goes to kill Anushka. He is very much angered on her. Yuvraaj reaches there and finds Rantej committing this crime. He stops Rantej from hurting Anushka. He loves Anushka and can’t see her in trouble. Rantej, Tej and Ranbir tell Yuvraaj what Anushka has done with them. Yuvraaj can’t forgive Anushka for it. Anushka tells Yuvraaj that she has punished his brothers and she doesn’t regret it. He feels his brothers are innocent. He gets angry on Anushka and asks her to leave from the house. He can’t understand how she took this drastic step without having any proof against his brothers’ crime.


Shivay gets frustrated knowing Anika is hiding something from him. He knows even Tia is hiding some matter and not revealing even on his insistence. When Anika does the same, he goes nuts and more keen to know it. He lifts Anika and compels her to tell the matter. Anika refuses to say. Shivay gets irritated by her braid. He removes the fake braid and throws it off. He gets too angry on Anika’s Rosie Rani character. He demands her to tell him what she is hiding, else he knows very well how to make her speak up. Anika doesn’t want any more tensions in the family.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja decides to leave Naren’s house once again. She finds Naren upset. It gets hard for her to leave Vyas mansion. Naina is going to marry Naren now. Pooja gives the ancestral bangles to Naina. Pooja warns Naina that evil will always get defeated. Naina is overconfident. She is happy that Naren agreed to marry her and is giving her entire property. She is sure that Pooja can’t do anything against her. Naren turns helpless to send away Pooja. Satish defends Pooja when the family raises a finger at her. Satish takes Pooja to his home.


Destiny brings Neil and Avni together. Neil decides to do KK’s movie shooting in orphanage. He convinces KK for the beautiful homely environment of Sukoon house. He feels Avni’s presence there and wants to know his connection with the place. Neil sends KK’s production manager to Sukoon house. The manager tells Avni that KK has sent him to check the place for a shoot. He gives the cheque to Avni. He tells Avni that she can get payments as long as the shoot goes on. He asks her to accept the offer. He tells her that KK will settle the expenses once shooting is over, since KK and his bodyguard Neil will also stay here.

Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai:

Chaitu Lal takes a vow that he will always fulfill his duties. He doesn’t keep any duty and just looks after his family. All the lines in his vows take a second meaning. Chaitu’s family just wants to reap benefits from his CM post. They all focus on their prosperity by misusing his powers. Chaitu deals with the problems of illiteracy and unemployment. The family is sure that Chaitu will be much successful one day, because of his over smartness and clever approach.


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