Ratan to defend Diya in court in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Ratan wants to prove Diya’s innocence. Abhay keeps a condition in front of Diya and asks her to apologize. Ratan says if Diya has to apologize without any mistake, she should first do something worth it. Ratan asks Diya to give a tight slap to Abhay and end this chapter. He encourages Diya. Diya slaps Abhay. Arpita fumes in anger. Diya realizes Ratan is really good and doing much for her betterment. She starts falling in love with Ratan’s goodness. Ratan doesn’t let Diya apologize.

He tells Abhay that he will fight Diya’s case and fail him in the court. He wants Abhay and Arpita to apologize to Diya. Ratan then informs Diya that judge will dismiss the case tomorrow, she will be now free of all the allegations, they will win the case, judge will declare her innocent. He gets too happy. Ratan lifts Diya and dances. Yash has given them the good news and brought happiness home. Yash tells Ratan and Diya that Ratan’s smartness to find the clues really worked and this has proved Diya’s innocence. Diya thanks Ratan. She has belief that Ratan will fail her enemies in the court.

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