Tanvi plans to ruin Durga in Meri Durga


Durga plans to spend time with Sanjay. They romance and spend some moments of peace. Tanvi and Lakshmi follow Durga to know more about her affair. Durga teases Sanjay. She makes him smile. Sanjay and Durga enjoy their company. Tanvi and Lakshmi learn Sanjay is Durga’s husband. They wonder why a rich guy is working as a watchman in the sports academy. Tanvi plans to ruin Durga by using Sanjay. Bhagat tells the athletes about the new race, which will make them practice harder. Lakshmi wants to tell the seniors about Durga and Sanjay. Durga runs in the race and wins. Tanvi apologizes to Durga and Bhagat. She asks Durga to trust her once and forgive her. Durga forgives Tanvi and Lakshmi.

Bhagat asks them to have team spirit. He tells them that they all can train themselves to win the competition. Durga accepts Tanvi’s competition. Durga works out in the gym. Bhagat trains them in the best way possible.

Bhagat doubts on Tanvi. Durga tells Bhagat that she was feeling dizzy and Tanvi helped her. Palak gets a crush on Sanjay. Durga gets happy by hearing good things about him. Durga suddenly faints down. Sanjay worries for Durga. The doctor tells Durga that food poisoning isn’t the reason. She suggests Durga to undergo a pregnancy kit. Bhagat learns Sanjay is Durga’s husband, who’s staying around Durga by going against the rules.


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