Susheel to witness Leela’s new plotting in Ikyawann


Susheel knows Satya loves her, though he didn’t express his feelings. Leela thinks Satya wants to get rid of the marriage. Susheel too loves Satya and has much faith in him. She is waiting for Satya’s love confession. Leela will be incurring big losses for Susheel. Leela is planning against Susheel. She is finding a bride for Satya. Leela takes Susheel’s help and makes her write Satya’s skills in the bio-data.

She asks Susheel to make Satya’s profile. Susheel doesn’t know what is Leela doing. Leela tells her that she is finding a girl for Shivam. Susheel uploads Shivam’s picture. Leela assures Susheel that she will find the right girl for Shivam. She wants to shock Susheel by getting the girl for Satya. Susheel will be knowing Leela’s evil drama. Ikyawann will be shifting to 6.30 PM from 19th March 2018.


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