Zee’s Mini Spoilers

Zee5 Toothbrush thrilling tale Loss of love

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja tells Naren that this will be their last fight together. Supriya wants Naren to marry Naina and give a name to Mayank’s child. She gives the divorce papers to Pooja and asks her to sign it to free Naren from the burdened relation. Supriya stops caring for Naren and gets one sided. Naina manipulates her. Chandrika feels sorry for Pooja, who lost despite doing so much for the family. Pooja feels its hard to forget the past, but they have to fight against Naina. Naren cares for Pooja’s wound. Naren and Pooja get together to mock divorce and ruin Naina’s plotting.

Sumer’s mum stops the engagement and cancels the marriage by insulting Meera and her family. Meera finds Vivaan happy with the series of events and thinks he is behind everything. She meets Vivaan and reprimands him for being selfish and greedy. She taunts him to see benefits in all his relations. Vivaan clears to her that he isn’t interested in her. Meera asks him to stay away from her family. Meera gets sorrowful over her broken relation. Sumer too doesn’t take a stand for her.

Kundali Bhagya:

Sherlyn warns Karan against hurting Prithvi. Karan asks her why is she hurt if Prithvi got hurt during the play. He asks Sherlyn about her relation with Prithvi. He wants Sherlyn to justify her concern for Preeta’s fiance. His questions make her tense. Karan tells Rishabh that his fiancee is very much worried for Prithvi. Sherlyn gets speechless in front of Rishabh. She controls her feelings. Preeta gets upset with Karan for hurting Prithvi. She asks him to be careful while playing his game. She ends up arguing with Karan.

Woh Apna Sa:
Nisha meets Dr. Akash. She is happy to have Jia with her. She hides her intentions from everyone. Akash is happy for Nisha’s plans working. Chirag informs Jia and Arjun that Nisha got Akash home for some ulterior motives.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Simonika plans to kill Abhi by targeting Pragya. Pragya learns about someone conspiring against Abhi. She stays alert. Simonika doesn’t attend Abhi’s birthday party. She thinks to send the bomb to Abhi by Pragya’s hands. She wants her unique gift to reach Abhi via Pragya. Abhi celebrates his birthday with the family. He looks forward to get the most special gift from Pragya. Unaware of the dangers, Pragya gives the wrong packet to Abhi. Abhi falls in danger once again. Simonika feels her revenge got exacted. She gets happy thinking Abhi and his entire family got killed by the bomb.



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