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Imli romances Ranvijay. She gets happy that he recovered and came back home from the mental hospital. Ranvijay asks her to trust him once and test Suraj by asking him to kill Chakor. Imli commands Suraj to kill Chakor. Suraj points the gun at Chakor, but doesn’t take any step. Ranvijay hits Chakor and faints her. Suraj gets helpless and tells Imli that he will dump out Chakor. Imli keeps an eye on Suraj to know his truth. Suraj tries hard to cover up his secret.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya sweetly confesses her love to Abhi. Simonika plans to kill the family by sending the bomb by Pragya. She dreams that Pragya gifted the box to Abhi and everyone in Mehra house died. Simonika waits for her dream to get true. Pragya tells Abhi that she won’t let anything happen to him, since she loves him a lot, she can’t afford to lose him. Abhi gets his Fuggi’s best gift.


Veer hides Aryan in a vault. He wants Aryan to get spotted when everyone receives their gifts. Soumya wants to marry Rudra. She conspires to reveal that Aryan is Rudra and her son. Veer creates a suspense around Aryan. Shivay keeps an eye on Veer, but fails to know his plans. Veer gets saved from Oberoi brothers. He finishes his work before anyone could get alert. Anika and Gauri ask Bhavya not to worry for anything and just enjoy the moment. They don’t want Bhavya to lose out her happiness. Veer signs Soumya and gets smiling. Soumya wants the plan to work out.

Tu Aashiqui and Ishq Mein Marjawa:
There will be merger of the two shows again. JD throws a film launch party and compels Pankti to attend it. He wants Pankti to sing in the party. Pankti refuses to visit JD’s mansion. Ahaan asks Pankti not to lose out to JD, if she loses courage, she will not be able to succeed in her career. Ahaan supports Pankti in her new endeavors. JD plans to ruin Pankti’s budding career by ruining her image in front of Jaishri Productions. Ahaan and Pankti reach the party and try to avoid JD. Ahaan wishes Manav supports him.

Surbhi feeds food to Soumya. Soumya thinks of the tortures. Preeto asks Soumya where did she go. Soumya doesn’t tell anyone that she was kidnapped. Preeto asks Soumya is she hiding something to save anyone. Soumya doesn’t name Harak. Harak keeps an eye on Soumya. Harman dislikes Soumya and asks her not to come out in front of his friends. Harman locks up Soumya in the room. He doesn’t change and acts rude to her. He breaks Soumya’s heart again. Harak gets happy seeing Harman’s behavior towards Soumya. Soumya gets depressed. Soumya is determined to always love Harman, even if he hates her. She expresses her feelings by talking to a teddy.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Meera wants Kanak out of Uma’s heart. She realizes Kanak is Uma’s ex-wife. She is ready to do anything to get rid of Kanak. Meera spikes the drink and serves Kanak. Kanak consumes the drink and feels sick. She asks Meera what did she add in the drink. Meera says it has poison, I have added my revenge in it, you felt I will never know your truth and you can snatch my Uma. She scolds Kanak. She asks Kanak to bend down in front of her, else pay for insulting her by losing life. She vents out anger on Kanak.

Woh Apna Sa:
Binny falls in trouble again. She reaches the studio for a photo shoot. She falls in danger when the photographer misbehaves with her. Akash becomes her saviour. He fights for his love. He saves Binny’s life. He beats the evil man to pulp. Akash takes Binny home.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita survives the fatal bullet attack by Simmi. Her will to return to Raman and her children brings her back to life. Ishita reveals a shocking thing to the family. She tells them that she isn’t able to sight anything. Doctor fears to tell her that she has lost her eyesight due to the nerve damage. Ishita cries out her pain that she has gone blind. Raman learns the news and feels more terrible. He wishes to get away from everyone so that they can live in peace. Simmi fails to kill Ishita. She was planning to send Raman behind bars for killing Ishita. Parmeet gets curious to know if Ishita has really lost her eyesight or if she is playing a new game to expose Simmi and him. He asks Simmi to keep an eye on Ishita till they get sure that Ishita isn’t any harm to them. Ishita returns home with a hope to meet Raman. Raman leaves the house in order to secure his family from his madness.


  1. Is the writer of YHM going through a life crisis..why so much of negativity and hatred in the show… this show is losing its charm


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