TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Satya looks for his clothes. Susheel teases him. Satya and Susheel get into an argument. Satya didn’t get the towel and took the saree instead. He had to change quickly. Susheel sees him in a saree and laughs on him. She pulls off the saree. Satya runs back to washroom. He asks her why can’t she behave like a normal girl. Susheel gets fun in troubling him.


Neil celebrates Saisha’s birthday. He surprises Saisha with the party. Shweta reaches there to surprise Neil. Shweta also attends Saisha’s birthday. They don’t know Saisha is their Mishti. Avni stays away from the party to avoid Neil and Shweta. Saisha feels some connection with Neil. She doesn’t realize that Neil is her superman. Neil wishes Saisha for turning 18. Neil misses Mishti. He thinks had Mishti been alive, she would have been of Saisha’s age. Avni gets a shocking letter. On reading it, she realizes that her first most enemy Dayavanti is alive. She gets hurt reading the curses and filthy words written against her birth. Avni breaks down and slips in fear to face Dayavanti again.


Ek Deewana Tha:

Vyom cries for Rajan’s death. Vyom’s mum Madhavi slaps Vyom and holds him responsible for Rajan’s loss. They keep a mourning ceremony for Ratan. Sharanya doesn’t know what’s happening. She had a doubt on Vyom before. She feels Vyom is innocent in this case. She gets a doubt on Madhavi. Vyom gets blank and sorrowful like never before.


Veer promises Roop that he will bring Aryan out of the shell. He gets angry that his partner Anika isn’t helping him to find Aryan. He stays confident that he can find Aryan on his own. Veer asks Soumya not to worry and get ready for marrying Rudra. Soumya gets all her hopes back. Veer plays a new trick. He kidnaps Aryan. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra stay busy in checking the party arrangements. They don’t want Veer and Soumya to get any chance to plot against them. Veer doesn’t want anyone to find Aryan till he wants. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya look for Aryan everywhere.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Dada ji raises a big question about the baby’s future. He asks Parth, Teni and Shorvori whose name will be given in the baby’s school as parents. He says we all know how Parth got married to Teni, but society doesn’t care for the situation, society runs on some set of rules. He tells them that they have to face the discrimination always, when the baby gets raised and attends school, how will they manage to present their relation, what if their daughter faces a trouble because of them. He asks Parth to sacrifice one relation to secure his daughter’s life. Parth says its tough to leave Teni or Shorvori, it will be like taking their soul off. Dada ji says they have to make a sacrifice.


Imli will learn the truth of Suraj’s memory recovery. Imli sells Gauri to the client. She also gets girls from the village. Chakor comes there and asks Imli how can she do this, does she have any soul in her or not. She tries to stop Imli from doing the huge sin. Imli doesn’t get any shame and sticks to her so called business model. She asks the man to choose Gauri or anyone else he likes. The man demands for Pakhi. Imli sends the goons to kidnap Pakhi and get her. Pakhi gets dragged to the haveli. Pakhi determines to stay brave and fight. Suraj encourages Gauri to fight back too.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Gautam has kidnapped Sahil. Badi Amma feels Vedika has kidnapped Sahil. She sends the goons to torture Vedika and kidnap her. Vedika gets kidnapped by the goons. She learns Gautam has kidnapped Sahil. She wants to inform Sahil’s family. Vedika struggles to get free and save Sahil. She runs away from Badi Amma’s clutches to meet Gautam. Badi Amma get police there to get Vedika punished. She asks inspector to save Sahil. She finds Vedika gone, which leaves her more raging. Vedika meets Gautam to know about Sahil. Gautam knew Vedika will come to him for Sahil’s sake. He expresses his dirty desires in front of her, and asks her to accept him if she wants to save Sahil’s life.


Soumya falls in big danger. Preeto tells Harman that Soumya has gone missing. She asks him to find Soumya, who could have fallen in some trouble. Harman gets worried for Soumya. The goons chase Soumya. She shouts to Harman for help. Soumya gets kidnapped.


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