Love-realization moment for Diya in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Abhay and his goons catch Ratan on the way and thrash him. Ratan asks Abhay to leave him. The attack gets fatal. Abhay doesn’t want to spare Ratan. He tells Ratan that he can’t lose to Diya or him. He shows his wicked side to Ratan. He beats up Ratan. Abhay gets late to reach court. Abhay tries to get evidence from him. Abhay doesn’t want Ratan to prove Diya innocent. Ratan bravely faces the attack. He doesn’t reveal about the right evidence. Abhay takes revenge for the slap. Diya waits for Ratan at the court. Ratan wants to fulfill his duty towards Diya. Ratan hides the evidence from Abhay.

Ratan saves his life and reaches the court to prove Diya innocent. He gives the evidence and exposes Abhay’s truth. Diya gets happy when she is declared innocent.

Ratan and Diya have cute moments. Ratan holds her hand and takes her with him. The people congratulate Diya. Media surrounds Diya to question her. Ratan and Diya give each other the credit of their victory. Diya falls in love with Ratan. She realizes her feelings, but doesn’t know if Ratan loves her. She feels he is really brave and strong-headed. She gets impressed by Ratan’s determination. Ratan has kept his promise by going an extra mile for her.

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