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Meera learns Vivaan’s truth. Vivaan proves his innocence. The printing press guy tells them that he has done a mistake, Vivaan and Sumer’s picture got swapped. Vivaan scolds the man for making such a mistake. Vivaan tells Meera that he had nothing to do in this. The man tells them that Meera’s aunt has bribed him for some motive. The aunt gets exposed. She wanted her daughter to marry Sumer. Vivaan gets his fake anger out on the man. Meera’s doubt on Vivaan gets cleared.

Laado 2:

Rantej plans to kill Yuvraaj. He tells Malhari that he will take revenge from Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj learns Rantej’s truth and comes home to beat him. Rantej challenges him for a fight. Yuvraaj also gets in much anger. The family witnesses their argument. Yuvraaj confronts him for the crime. Rantej admits his crimes. He tells Yuvraaj that he had ruined the lives of many girls, but none could punish him till now. Yuvraaj can’t believe his confession. He gets a big shock. Rantej says police works for me, no one could expose my crimes, Anushka can never reveal my truth and even you won’t be alive now to take a step against me.


Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devika and Varun get the same rickshaw. She asks him to sit away. He gets jerks by the rough road and falls on her. She asks him not to fall over her, she isn’t much beautiful. He asks her to stop boring him by cracking stupid jokes. They argue till they reach their destination.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan and Diya have cute moments. Ratan holds her hand and takes her with him. The people congratulate Diya. Media surrounds Diya to question her. Ratan and Diya give each other the credit of their victory. Diya falls in love with Ratan. She realizes her feelings, but doesn’t know if Ratan loves her. She feels he is really brave and strong-headed. She gets impressed by Ratan’s determination. Ratan has kept his promise by going an extra mile for her.

Piyaa Albela:

Naina gets exposed. Naina threatens to kill Supriya. Pooja bears the tortures to save Surpiya. Supriya realizes her mistake. The family gets happy seeing Supriya fine and walking on her own. Pooja welcomes Supriya home with love. Naren asks Supriya to take some rest. Supriya gets guilty. She tells him that she has to tell him something important, she was fine since always and just acted to get Naren’s love. She apologizes to Naren, Pooja and everyone for her big lie. She feels she is Pooja’s culprit. She breaks into tears and tells Naren that he is actually Chandrika’s son. Dada ji supports Supriya and confirms the matter.

Mere Sai:

A dancer Suwarna Bai visits Shirdi and wanted to question Sai. She felt bad that men used to watch her drama and gift her things she needed. The women were against Suwarna for entertaining their husbands. Suwarna faced many troubles. After meeting Sai, her thinking changes completely. Sai makes the women understand Suwarna’s helplessness. Suwarna apologizes to Sai.


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