Diya-Ratan’s moment of admiration in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Kakusa happily dances when Abhay and Diya return home after winning the court case. The family congratulates Ratan and Diya for their victory. Kakisa does their aarti and feeds them sweets. Kakusa is happy that Abhay got punished. Ratan hugs him. Diya has much happiness to win the case. Kakisa isn’t happy with the happenings. She is upset with Diya, as Ratan got injured because of her. She worries that Ratan always risks his life for Diya, who is deciding to break the marriage. Ratan asks Diya not to listen to anyone’s words, she isn’t responsible for his injuries, she shouldn’t blame herself for Abhay’s mistakes.

Diya realizes her love for Ratan. She goes to get a pillow. She finds Ratan sleeping. He holds her hand. She sits by his side and adores him. She feels secure with him. She thinks its her good fate that she got a husband like Ratan. She doesn’t want to stay away from Ratan. Diya falls asleep. Ratan wakes up in the morning and find Diya beside. He pulls her leg. He asks her why could she not wake up when alarm rang so much, when she said she doesn’t need any alarm at all. Diya and Ratan have a cute moment.

Ratan asks Diya to pay him the fees for fighting her court case. He tells her that he has fought the strong case and proved her innocent. Diya asks him what fees does he want. She tells him that he can go for any holiday if he wants. He asks her for a kiss. She gets a big shock. Ratan rolls on the floor laughing and tells her that it was just a joke, but her expressions are something worth watching. She calls him very mischievious. Diya asks Ratan to have ointment. She ends up hurting him. He tells her that he got much hurt. He screams in pain. She apologizes to him.


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