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Harman and Jasleen go for sightseeing. They both spend time in the village fields and recall their childhood. She tells him that her life changed in Canada, but its good that nothing changed in her village. He tells her that she has lost her anklet in the fields before. He digs up the place near the tree and gets her anklet, which he had hidden. She asks how did you know its here. He says I had stolen it and hidden it here. She asks why didn’t you tell me, I have cried a lot for this anklet, assuming it to be lost. He says I wanted to return this when you return here, I know its your favorite anklet. Jasleen is happy to find her anklet. She tells Harman that he has given her much happiness. Jasleen will be learning Soumya’s identity truth.


After Aryan and Suhana’s love story, there comes another twist. Naira and Kartik happy dance when they receive a big news about Naksh and Kirti. The family asks them what’s the matter that they are playing dhol. Naira tells everyone about Kirti’s pregnancy. She says a baby will be coming in our family. Kartik announces that he is soon going to become an uncle. Naira is happy to become an aunt. Everyone congratulates Naksh and Kirti for the good news.


Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:
Daali gets married to Kanhaiya. They have a contract marriage. Daali marries Kanhaiya to save Janki’s respect. She learns Rocky and Maya’s truth. Rocky refuses to marry her, knowing Janki has turned bankrupt. Kanhaiya plays the move to expose Rocky. Daali gets saved from Rocky’s bad motives. Janki gets surprised seeing Daali married to Kanhaiya. He finds Kanhaiya far better than Rocky. Kanhaiya brings a twist which Daali didn’t expect. He refuses to become Ghar Jamai on her insistence. Janki does Daali’s vidaai from Aastha Nivaas. Kanhaiya takes her to his small house in the chawl area. Daali gets a big shock seeing the house. The chawl people welcome Daali as their bahu.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan challenges JD for a new game. He tells JD that the real game will begin now, as he has learnt some winning moves. He asks JD why was he troubling Pankti. He asks JD is the wound hurting, Pankti did the right thing to crash his ego. He asks JD if he is fine and came to senses. He says we have learnt crossing limits from you, Pankti didn’t do anything wrong to injure you. He taunts JD for being a backstabber always. He asks JD not to trouble Pankti and him again, as Pankti has already shown him the trailer of the dire consequences. He alarms JD with a smile. JD gets angry on Ahaan.

Sejal suspects on Leela for playing a new drama. She alarms Susheel to be save from Leela. Susheel falls in Leela’s sweetness drama. She is happy to have a good bond with Leela. Susheel wants the bond between both the families to get better. She tries balancing her marriage and in-laws. Susheel has no idea about Leela’s wicked planning. The new girl Soumya enters Satya and Susheel’s life. She tries to spread her charm and woo Satya. Satya helps her out. She likes Satya and finds him dashing. Leela introduces her to Satya.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Abhimanyu cooks food for Nimki and Babbu. He has invited Nimki and Babbu for dinner. His daughter Elena also helps him in arrangements. She asks Abhimanyu to cook yummy food. She likes Nimki a lot. She arranges the plates. Abhimanyu also wants the things to be perfect. They happily welcome Nimki and Babbu home. Abhimanyu’s daughter teases Babbu and annoys him. She asks him to change his hairstyle, he looks like some goon. Babbu asks Abhimanyu did he invite him to get him insulted by his daughter.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Meera tells Uma that she knows Kanak is his ex-wife. She surprises Uma with the decorations. She tells him that she knows his life’s biggest secret, that the government officer Kanak was his past. He asks him to celebrate the truth. Meera gets high on drinks. She gets more obsessed for Uma. She says Kanak was not between us, but still she was a wall between us. She wants to create hurdles in Kanak’s life. She says no prayers can help Kanak now, her bad times will start soon. Kanak also realizes Uma has hidden this truth from Meera. Meera invites Kanak for lunch. Kanak meets Uma and Meera. Kanak tells him that she will not lie to Meera.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash admires Falguni’s work and dedication. Falguni discusses the new project with Teja. She wants Rawat textiles to earn more name and fame by timely delivery. Suyash likes her work model. Falguni finds Niyati rushing out and asks her to slow down on the stairs, since she is pregnant. She cares for Niyati. Uttara finds a way to make Falguni fall in Suyash’s eyes again. Suyash and Falguni get into an argument at office. Falguni gets blamed for the new problem. Tarun records the video of their argument and sends to Uttara. Uttara gets happy. She doesn’t want Falguni to join hands with Gayatri. She decides to send away Gayatri from the house. She finds Gayatri busy in meditation. She doesn’t talk to her. She packs Gayatri’s bags and asks her to leave from the mansion.


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