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Piyaa Albela:
Naren decides to repent for his mistakes by giving away his life. He arrives at the lake in the temple to sacrifice his life by taking a Jal Samadhi. The pandits find it really strange that both Naren and his wife Pooja are taking Jal Samadhi the same day. Naren hears them talking about Pooja entering the lake to give up her life. He runs to save Pooja’s life. Pooja dips inside the water till he reaches. Naren jumps in to save her life.

Kundali Bhagya:

Prithvi raises a question on Karan and Preeta’s character. He doubts them to be having an affair. Sarla and Rishabh take a stand for Karan and Preeta. They have belief that Karan and Preeta can never cheat them by crossing their limits. Prithvi asks them if they can guarantee that Karan and Preeta don’t have any relation. Preeta will be posed to give an Agnipariksha to prove her true character. Rishabh gets miffed when Prithvi talks dirty about Karan and Preeta. He asks Prithvi not to dare say anything about his brother, whom he blindly believes.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Maasa reveals to Devika that she is her Dadi and this house belongs to her. She reveals Adhiraj and Devi’s truth to her. She asks Devika to take her parents’ blessings. She shows Adhiraj and Devi’s pictures and tells Devika that they died in an accident. She asks Devika to stay with them, as she is the legal heir of their family. Maasa plans to use Devika for her profits and then kill her. Devika hears Maasa’s evil plans and confronts her.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Simonika speaks out her real intentions and revenge motives in front of Pragya. She tells Pragya that Abhi has killed her husband and now she wants to fulfill revenge to get justice for her husband’s murder. She wants her husband to get soul peace. She threatens to kill Abhi and Pragya. She asks Pragya not to utter a word. She gets crazy to exact her revenge. Pragya takes a big step against Simonika’s evil plotting. She drags Simonika in the party and reveals to Abhi that Simonika is their hidden enemy, who tried to kill Abhi. Abhi can’t believe it. Simonika denies the blames. Pragya gives her a tight slap and exposes her crimes.

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