A special date for Suyash and Falguni in Jiji Maa

Jiji Maa Falguni to lose her newborn baby

Niyati and Vidhaan plan to send Suyash and Falguni on a date. Uttara stops Falguni and asks her to attend the NGO meeting. Uttara says guests are coming today and Falguni can’t go anywhere, she has given the tagline to the NGO, they want to meet Falguni. She reminds Niyati that Jayant is very much involved in NGO work, and today special people will come from the NGO. She explains that they have to attend the meeting and keep Jayant’s name. She taunts Falguni about her decision. She says some women don’t have the happiness in their fate, such women who can’t become a mother, we should pity such women and think for their welfare. Niyati understands her and offers help.

Niyati asks Uttara to let Falguni go, she will attend the meeting. Niyati and Uttara meet the NGO women and doctors. The doctor who removed Falguni’s uterus also attends the meeting. Niyati has a doubt on Falguni’s operation. She wants to ask the doctor about Falguni’s operation. She knows Falguni is hiding something from her. Suyash and Falguni reach the place and get surprised by a special date.

Suyash and Falguni spend some romantic moments together. Falguni gets dreaming that Suyash has forgiven her and is loving her like before. Uttara brings them together, so that Falguni feels the pain of losing her happiness. She wants Falguni to reach close to her dreams and see them shattering. She feels that will be a big defeat for Falguni. Jayant gets better. Happiness returns in their house. The family bonds well. They all dine with Jayant in his room and chit-chat to set a normal ambiance.



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