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Soumya tries to know about Satya. She sees Satya’s trophies and realizes he was saying true about his accomplishments. She likes him more. Satya finds the trophies falling from the shelf. He catches the trophies and gets close to Soumya. He saves Soumya from getting hurt. Susheel helps Satya. They have cute moments. She thanks Satya for saving Soumya, who is going to marry Shivam soon. Leela praises Satya in front of Soumya. Susheel gets impressed with Satya. He tries to take care of her and also hides his feelings from her. She knows he loves her and is just acting rude.

Jiji Maa:

Niyati and Vidhaan plan to send Suyash and Falguni on a date. Uttara stops Falguni and asks her to attend the NGO meeting. Niyati asks Uttara to let Falguni go, she will attend the meeting. Niyati and Uttara meet the NGO women and doctors. The doctor who removed Falguni’s uterus also attends the meeting. Niyati has a doubt on Falguni’s operation. She wants to ask the doctor about Falguni’s operation. She knows Falguni is hiding something from her. Suyash and Falguni reach the place and get surprised by a special date.



Imli has blackmailed Chakor by using her trump card Tejaswini. She asks Chakor to back out from the elections, else she will kill Tejaswini. Imli hides Tejaswini from Suraj. She has a doubt on Suraj after Gauri and Pakhi’s swapping in the marriage. She doesn’t reveal her plan to Suraj. Imli makes Chakor meet Tejaswini. Chakor finds Tejaswini in a bad state and asks Imli how can she treat Tejaswini like this. She calls Imli an animal. She asks Imli to free Tejaswini. Imli says you should be happy that I have punished Tejaswini, who made you bandhua in childhood. She says you have to withdraw your name from elections, else I will bury Tejaswini alive. She asks Chakor to promise that she will withdraw her name. Chakor promises Imli.


Manish opposes Aryan and Suhana’s relation. He doesn’t find Suhana suitable. He gets more upset with the drama played by Rahul. He feels Suhana doesn’t belong to any respected family like them. Suhana fools Aryan by a fake identity of a rich and classy girl. Aryan gets adamant to marry her. He scares everyone by his suicide drama. Kartik, Naira, Manish, Suwarna and entire family run to stop Aryan from committing suicide. Aryan threatens them and asks for accepting Suhana. He reaches the terrace and does a drama like Sholay movie. He tells them that he will not listen to anyone and jump down.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja fights with some goons to reach Bela. Pooja begs the people for Naren’s life. She has some time to save Naren. She has to convince a heart donor. She learns Praveen’s heart matches for the transplant. She requests Bela to allow the heart transplant. Praveen’s family carry out his last rites. Pooja asks them to stop the last rites and preserve his body for the transplant. She asks Praveen’s family to give a new life to Naren. She tries explaining them that even Praveen would be happy if he could help someone after his death. Pooja is fighting for Naren’s life. She wants to drag Naren back to life. She is trying her best to change Bela’s decision. Satish also begs to Bela.


Shweta demands Neil to marry Mitali. Neil has met Avni by coincidence and learnt that she is alive. Neil gets Avni with him to his place. Neil finds someone at the door. He hides Avni in the bathroom. Neil is stuck in the strange situation. Neil is annoyed with Avni. Neil can’t share the matter with Mitali. He can’t love Mitali, while she is in love with Neil. Mitali proposes Neil for marriage. Neil can’t explain her how much he loves Avni. Neil doesn’t know what to tell Mitali. He can’t break Mitali’s heart. He asks Mitali to give him some time to think. He doesn’t want to lose her friendship. He is very angry on Avni for her big lie. He confronts Avni for cheating him. Neil gets in dilemma over choosing either of Avni or Mitali.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Diya prepares to confess love to Ratan. She realizes she is in love. She takes Yash’s advice. She doesn’t want to delay anything further. Ratan sees her love confession and romances her. It turns out to be her dream. Chote Thakur reaches there and falls down by slipping over the decorations pebbles. He messes everything and wonders who has done this. Ratan arrives later. He asks Diya what was she doing that she messed the room. His mood gets spoiled. He says you know I like a clean and tidy room. He doesn’t listen to Diya and asks her to clean the room soon. Ratan feels she can’t clean anything. He ties her to the chair and says you will not spoil the room more now, I will take things in my hand and get rid of this mess. He cleans the room himself. He gets more upset seeing the spoiled mirror.

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