Suraj and Chakor’s dream world at enemy’s strike in Udaan

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Imli has blackmailed Chakor by using her trump card Tejaswini. She asks Chakor to back out from the elections, else she will kill Tejaswini. Imli hides Tejaswini from Suraj. She has a doubt on Suraj after Gauri and Pakhi’s swapping in the marriage. She doesn’t reveal her plan to Suraj. Imli makes Chakor meet Tejaswini. Chakor finds Tejaswini in a bad state and asks Imli how can she treat Tejaswini like this. She calls Imli an animal. She asks Imli to free Tejaswini. Imli says you should be happy that I have punished Tejaswini, who made you bandhua in childhood. She says you have to withdraw your name from elections, else I will bury Tejaswini alive. She asks Chakor to promise that she will withdraw her name. Chakor promises Imli.

Chakor gets worried for Tejaswini’s life and decides to withdraw her name. She wants to save Tejaswini and make her unite with Suraj. Tejaswini expresses her wish to meet Suraj. Chakor promises her that she will get Suraj to her. She tells Tejaswini that Suraj is fine and has regained his memory as well. Chakor loves her family a lot. Imli uses Chakor’s weakness and hits on her emotional side.

Suraj learns about Chakor meeting the government officials and withdrawing her name from the elections, when she could easily win in elections. He asks Chakor why did she do this if she was close to her dreams. He doesn’t know the reason for her sacrifice. He demands Chakor to tell him the reason for breaking everyone’s dreams and expectations. Chakor gets upset. The villagers also want to know why did Chakor fail their hopes. Chakor breaks out the truth about Tejaswini, who is alive and captive. Suraj meets Tejaswini and has an emotional moment with her. He can’t believe Imli’s crime. He pledges to ruin Imli. Suraj and Chakor try to find some way to free Tejaswini from Imli’s clutches. Suraj and Chakor will be soon having dreams, hope and a new world. They will be expecting their baby. How will they save their child from the bad sight of their enemies.