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    ChandraShekhar: Star Bharat
    Chandra gets angry when Patwari scares Sitaram by a filthy story about the Britishers’ punishment methods. Chandra decides to teach a lesson to Patwari. Sitaram wonders if Chandra is in any problems. He loses his peace of mind. Chandra hits Patwari with a stick when Patwari troubles Bheels. Patwari’s clothes catch fire. He gets enraged to punish Chnadra. Chandra then insults Patwari to take revenge of Bheel’s humiliation. Jagrani and Sitaram get the news of Chandra’s another fearless act.

    Jagrani gets angry with Chandra for inviting troubles for himself. Chandra goes to meet his Bheel frineds by lying to Jagrani. Sitaram punishes Chandra in a different way. He asks Jagrani to stop talking to Chandra, which can make Chandra realize their emotions. Chandra finds a way to deal with this punishment. He scares the family by a fake snake, which makes them start talking to him. Chandra’s trick gets known to them. His mischief worries Sitaram. Chandra promises Jagrani that he will fulfill Sitaram’s wish by working harder in school and getting well-educated.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita falls in grave danger when the hired goon captures her to kill. Ishita locks the goon by tricking him. The goon gets troubled by her. He gets more mad to kill her. Ishita manages to get her phone and calls up Raman to seek his help. Raman attends the puja and prays for Ishita. Ishita prepares to fight with the goon, who gets free from the room. She gets caught, despite trying her best. The goon tries to kill her. Before he could stab her, she bravely leads the fight and struggles to escape. Raman reaches Ishita in time and saves her from getting stabbed.

    Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithi Hai:
    Chaitu falls ill and in deep trouble when he learns the private hospitals are on strike. He faces a bad time and regrets on his mistake to overlook the health bill. He fails to reach the assembly to clear the bill. Doctors issues get met when Puttan suggests them to call all the politicians in the government hospital itself, where an assembly will be conducted and Chaitu will pass the health bill. Chaitu tries to pass the bill to end the doctor’s strike soon. He understands the bad situation of government hospitals and wonders how the common people cope with such dreadful situations.


    Shivay comes up with an idea to prepone the marriage to fail Soumya and Veer’s planning. Anika dons the Kumari Rosie Rani avatar again and tricks Veer by a fake story. She justifies why she has supported Shivay in front of the media. She tells him that she was helpless to get saved from Shivay, who insisted her to give that speech. Veer suspects her for revealing his plan. She asks him if he has told his plan to her before. She informs Veer about Shivay’s plan to prepone the marriage. Shivay thinks Veer will panic and make some mistake, which they have to use against him. Veer knows Shivay would be waiting for his mistakes, but he is more clear to hit Oberois with something concrete. Anika tries to know Veer’s plan.


    Avni gets into an argument with Kamini Kapoor. She doesn’t care for Kamini’s richness and self-importance factor. She shows her attitude and leaves in a hurry to find Saisha. Kamini gets angry when Avni teaches her a lesson. She goes to meet KK at his movie shoot sets. She learns KK is missing. She gets angry on his security guards. Saisha sees Avni on the way when the goons kidnap KK and her. She tries to shout to Avni, but fails. Avni tracks Saisha’s phone and reaches the jungle. She finds her phone there and worries further. Neil reaches the same place while searching for KK. Avni assumes him to be Saisha’s kidnapper. She attacks Neil.

    Jiji Maa:Star Bharat
    Uttara gets happy that Suyash has scolded Falguni. Falguni sheds tears when she fails to convince her truth to Suyash. Vidhaan and Niyati show their belief in Falguni. Niyati tells Vidhaan that Falguni can never say bad about their family. She knows someone has plotted this against them. Vidhaan tells Falguni that he will make the reporter speak out the truth himself. He assures that he will prove her innocence. Uttara laughs on Falguni’s tears and insult. Falguni challenges her that Suyash will hold her hand with respect today. She gets happy with new hopes. Falguni and Vidhaan take disguise and meet the reporter to trap him into their plan. They try to make the reporter admit his crime. They record the reporter’s confession.

    Vidhaan learns Falguni’s truth. He fools the reporter. He then reveals his true identity and tells the reporter that he will expose his truth in front of everyone. He beats the reporter angrily. Falguni knows it was Uttara’s plan. She reveals the truth to Suyash. Uttara acts as if she didn’t know anything. Reporter doesn’t name Uttara in front of Suyash. Tarun gets blamed for bribing him. Uttara plays a drama and asks Tarun to clarify. Tarun makes a story to cover his crime. He apologizes. Uttara and Tarun try to fool Suyash. Suyash scolds Tarun for playing with the company’s reputation. Suyash apologizes to Falguni for not trusting her. She wins the challenge and asks Uttara to stop her stupid games now. She asks Uttara not to test her patience if she wants peace in their lives. Falguni leaves Uttara with a warning. Suyash and Falguni’s relation turns better.


    Aryan informs Suhana that his family is not understanding his love. Suhana suggests him to get annoyed with the family and do something to threaten them that can help them get accepted. She asks him to play some drama to convince the family. Aryan likes her idea. Suhana feels he is very foolish. She thinks she is lucky to find a stupid guy like Aryan to trap in her love. Kartik and Naira try to talk to Aryan. Aryan doesn’t see them and rushes off. Naira feels they have to deal with Aryan well, as love is a sensitive issue. Naira doesn’t reveal the problem to Kartik. She decides to meet the doctor first and know about the conceiving issues herself.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Star Bharat

    Namrata wears the enchanting chain and casts a spell on Rahul to control his senses. When Gauri exposes Rahul, Namrata controls him by the Aghori’s mantras. She commands him to kill Gauri. Gauri explains Rahul that Namrata is the Master ji whom they were finding. She asks him to believe her. Rahul gets hypnotized. He gets attacking Gauri to kill her. Latika helps Gauri in time and saves her from Rahul’s attacks. She finds Namrata getting mad. She asks Rahul to stop. Latika gets into a fight with Rahul. Rahul gets mad to kill Gauri. He tries hard to stab Gauri. Latika breaks the chain from Namrata’s chain to free Rahul from the spell. Rahul comes back to senses and wonders what was he doing with Gauri. Gauri’s life gets saved in the nick of time.

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