Deep ploys to test Aarohi’s identity in Ishq Mein Marjawa


Deep finds Aarohi in trouble again. Aarohi lays a new web to trap him. She doesn’t know that Deep is doubting on her. She should have taken some time before executing her next move. She lies to Deep that Aarohi has attacked her and she has locked her up in the room. Deep, Roma and Prithvi assure her that Aarohi can’t do anything. Roma assumes Aarohi is Tara. She gets Nikku along and tells her that if Aarohi does anything to her, she will use Nikku against Aarohi.

Nikku gets scared seeing Aarohi. He also thinks she is Tara. Roma troubles Aarohi by scaring Nikku. Aarohi doesn’t know Deep, Roma and Prithvi are spoiling her plan and testing her by using her weakness Nikku. They want to see Aarohi’s reaction on finding Nikku in trouble. Aarohi doesn’t want Nikku’s life to fall in danger. What will Aarohi do now? Keep reading.



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