Gangaur celebrations to bring twists in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Vansh sends a Gangaur gift for Kanak. Babasa tells Bhabho that another gift has come. Bhabho gets happy and thinks the other gift is also for Kanak, as Vansh loves Kanak a lot. She learns the other gift is from Uma for Saras. She gets much angry. She throws the gift out of the house. She says Uma has done wrong with Kanak, I will not let Uma’s gift come in this house. Kanak stops Bhabho. She gets Uma’s gift back. She tells Bhabho that its not Saras’ mistake, why should Saras bear their hatred if Uma did any mistake. She asks Saras to accept the gift.

She says if Saras didn’t wear Uma’s gifted clothes, I will not wear Vansh’s gifted shagun clothes. She encourages Saras to keep relations with her brother. Kanak convinces Bhabho. On the other hand, Uma buys a land for his new project. He keeps Bhoomi pujan ceremony. Aditya makes a re-entry in Uma’s life. She tells Meera about Uma and Kanak’s marriage. He says Meera is very romantic person, he was very much passionate about Kanak. He tells how Uma forcibly married Kanak by following the Lord signs. Meera gets angered hearing about Uma and Kanak’s love story.



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