Vedika brings a huge twist in Sahil’s marriage in Aapke Aa Jane Se


Vedika meets Sahil at the temple in bridal dress. Sahil gets happy seeing her. They both exchange the Varmala. He can’t believe his dreams turning true. Vedika takes a big decision about Sahil’s marriage. The family witnesses the marriage happening. Vedika gets influenced by Badi Amma. She doesn’t want to be unfair with Sahil because of the age gap. She feels Sahil has to live his life, as he is still a youngster. She wants him to have a normal life with someone of his age. She doesn’t feel she is a good match for Sahil.

She knows Badi Amma’s expectations about Sahil’s wife is right. Sahil happily gets married to the love of his life. After the marriage completes, Sahil gets a shock that ruins his senses.

Vedika cheats Sahil and gets him married to Nidhi. Sahil rages when he sees the bride’s face. Badi Amma gets confused over Vedika’s decision. Vedika is sure that Sahil will gradually accept Nidhi as his wife. She asks Sahil to move on in life. Sahil refuses to accept Nidhi. He gets into a huge confrontation with Vedika for stabbing his trust and breaking his heart. Vedika badly disappoints Sahil.


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