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Piyaa Albela:
Naren gets fine and lands home. Naren and Pooja’s Grah pravesh happens. Supriya and Harish welcome Naren happily. They bless Naren. Harish hugs Naren and apologizes for his big mistake. Pooja supports Naren. Chandrika too gets happy seeing everything fine in Naren’s life. Bela steps in the house after Pooja and Naren. The power goes when Bela enters. Bela gets darkness in their lives. Bela doesn’t want Naren to fall in love with her. She just wants to kill him. Naren will get inclined towards Bela because of Praveen’s heart beating in him. Pooja regards Bela as Devi. She wants to secure Bela’s life. Bela’s madness isn’t known to Pooja. Pooja tells everyone that she has got Bela home to support her. Everyone is grateful to Bela for giving a new life to Naren.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:
Tiwari sees a fake Raavan and gets scared. He doesn’t know Saxena is scaring everyone. Saxena roams in the locality. Saxena practices for his play. He wants to perfect himself by the rehearsals. Tiwari hides in the bin. People pour the junk over him. Saxena takes advantage of his costume and troubles everyone.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Diya records her love confession for Ratan. She tells him that she loves him a lot and it would be shocking for him to know this. She says there are many differences between us, apart from the age gap. She expresses how safe and secure she feels when he is around. She decides to play the video in front of him. Kakasa advises Ratan to be away from Diya. Diya plans a date with Ratan. She decks up to impress Ratan and confess her feelings. Diya is hopeful that Ratan will accept her love proposal. Diya wants to shout out her love for Ratan.


Jiji Maa:
Uttara gets Falguni hypnotized by calling a doctor home. Falguni gets hypnotized. Uttara wants to control Falguni and spoil her relation with Suyash. Uttara tests her first and then takes her to the hospital for getting the uterus removal operation done. She takes advantage of Falguni’s sorrow.

Neil and Avni look for Saisha and KK in the jungle. Neil and Avni get troubled by the goons. They both beat the goons. Neil falls in danger. Avni throws away the goon and saves Neil. Neil and Avni recollect their old moments. There is an interesting fight sequence. Neil and Avni then reach Saisha and KK. They rescue Saisha and KK, and keep them away from the media as well.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Roma wants Deep and Tara to get married by all rituals. Virat asks Roma if he can invite few guests in the marriage. Roma asks him about the guest. Virat gets a special guest to introduce to Tara. A lady meets Aarohi and asks her didn’t she identify her. Aarohi gets worried meeting the cruel jailer. Aarohi doesn’t want anyone to know her truth. Aarohi stays in her character of Tara. Aarohi has learnt Deep’s truth and is marrying him again only for revenge. The family tests Aarohi to know if she is Tara or not. Deep makes a guest list for the marriage. He wants all of Aarohi’s enemies to join their celebrations. Aarohi is strong-headed and fighting back for her family, but deals with her fears.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki shows her style to Dadi. She teaches Dadi how to have food in western style. Anaro gets angry on Nimki. The haveli people get hurt by Nimki’s taunts. Nimki asks them to try having food with fork and knife. Anaro asks everyone to stay away from Nimki.


Suraj and Chakor get blessed with a baby girl. Post leap, Suraj and Chakor will be seen in a new avatar. Suraj manages the business and works for the village’s betterment. Chakor becomes the marathon runner again. She plays with the kids. Suraj and Chakor’s romance moments will be seen. Suraj and Chakor will be working together to change people’s thinking and end the slavery. Their relations have much sweetness. They are very happy in their small world of joy. Suraj asks Chakor to train the kids, but not forget to get love lessons from him. The kids laugh seeing them. Suraj and Chakor have broken the bonds of slavery and is living life on their own terms. Their past will return to haunt them.


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