Dil Se Dil Tak: Bhanushalis to welcome Teni afresh


Shorvori learns that Teni has got discharged from the hospital. Parth tells her that things aren’t the same, Teni has lost her memory and she wants to go to her chawl. He says no one should tell Teni about her past, else she will get a shock, we can’t get her home. Shorvori asks Parth to take Teni to chawl, she will also come there. The family gets upset knowing this. Indu says I was expecting Teni to come here, I have decorated Teni’s room as per her likes. Shorvori says Teni doesn’t remember anything, she won’t identify us, doctor said Teni shouldn’t get any shock. Kaki tries to spoil their mood again. She says we just had to see these days, Parth is Bhanushali’s heir, he will be roaming as driver for Teni.

Shorvori reminds what all Teni did for them, and person’s status shouldn’t matter, just deeds matter. She stops Kaki from creating nuisance. Parth comes home and tells the family that he doesn’t want anyone to tell Teni about the surrogacy, else the incidents of past can hurt Teni.

Parth and Shorvori want Teni to be in her comfort zone. They decide to get Teni home so that past doesn’t get revealed to her. Parth doesn’t know how Shorvori will convince Teni to live with them. Shorvori doesn’t want Teni to have any troubles. She goes to chawl to meet Teni and convince her for living in Bhanushali house. Parth and Shorvori are indebted by Teni’s favors. They want to give a good life to Teni. Parth asks Shorvori not to feel guilty and think of the future. They will try to help Teni regain her memory. Bhanushalis get together to plan a warm welcome for Teni.



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