Ishqbaaz: Veer’s arrest marks a new phase for Oberois


Veer learns Shivay and Anika have a proof against him. He reaches Oberoi mansion to find the pendrive. Anika sees Veer and tries to alert Shivay. Veer asks her to call out Shivay like always. He threatens her. He gets angry as Anika has cheated him by acting as his crime partner Rosie Rani. He feels much fooled by Shivika. He gets more revengeful. Veer catches hold of Anika. She shouts to Shivay for help. Veer suffocates her and admits all his crimes. Anika records his crime confession and current attack in a camcorder. She tells Veer that this was her plan to trap him.

Shivay reaches there on time and hits a glass bottle on Veer’s head. Shivay gets Veer in his control. Police and family members reach there. Veer and Shivay have a confrontation. Shivay gets Veer arrested. Veer doesn’t want to spare him. Shivay doesn’t know Veer is Roop’s son. Shivay tells Veer that he had no evidence against him and just lied to the media to trap him.

Veer threatens Shivay and Oberois. He swears to ruin Oberoi family. He says I m the enemy of Oberois, and I will return to ruin you all, this is not the end of the game, this is just a start, I swear to not spare anyone from your family. Roop gets tensed seeing Veer’s arrest. She will bail out Veer and get him back in the battle. Roop will not leave Shivay and Anika so easily. She will exact her revenge by revealing the mills secret to separate the Ishqbaaz.


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