Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naitik’s concern to weaken his support


Naira is fighting with her biggest fears to undergo a surgery. Naitik’s love and concern is weakening her more. She asks Naitik not to worry for her much and instead fill strength and courage in her, so that she can get the surgery done. Kartik and Naira return from the hospital and tell Dadi that everything is clear in the tests, Naira can go ahead for the surgery. Kartik and Naira are trying hard to sort the issues, so that they can give a heir to Goenka family. Naira takes the appointment for the operation. Naitik gets worried for her. She doesn’t let him say anything to Goenkas. She tells Naitik that its too easy for her and she will manage it really well, no one needs to accompany her to the hospital.

Naira wants to just go with Kartik. They don’t reveal the entire matter to the family. Naitik expresses his worries to her. He knows her very well and also her fears. He asks her not to undergo the surgery, as she is more important to them. He tells her that she will faint by seeing medical instruments, he will tell everyone about her fears.

Naira ties him in an oath and asks him not to tell anyone. He tells her that giving an oath to stop him isn’t fair. He doesn’t want to listen to her. He reminds her the childhood incident when she got hurt by the glass pieces, she didn’t let the doctor stitch the wound. He asks her did she get brave now that she wants to go for the surgery. She explains him that she won’t lose without trying, she wants to attempt once, and she needs him by her side so that she doesn’t fall weak. She asks him to help her deal with her phobias. Naitik blesses her. He misses Akshara and wishes she was here with Naira. He is proud of her that she values relations more than her life. He promises to support her.


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