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Neil meets Saisha and makes her realize that Avni loved her more than her real mum. He shows her Neela and Aisha’s pics, and tells her to value Nilanjana. Avni happens to see Neil’s efforts and gets thankful. Saisha feels sorry to hurt Avni’s sentiments. Neil makes a plan to reveal Avni’s secret. Avni meets someone in the cafe. Neil doesn’t want media to know about Avni’s existence suddenly. He calls the police and gets Avni arrested. Neil will bail out Avni. Neil presents Avni in front of the media gradually. He doesn’t want to show that Avni is misusing his contacts. Neil is not an IPS officer anymore. He doesn’t want media to get against Avni. Vidyut will be getting released. Neil prepares for meeting Vidyut. He doesn’t stop media and police from questioning Avni. He plans to meet Avni and help her out.

Meera learns Vivaan is going abroad. Meera runs to stop Vivaan. She rides the scooty and rushes. She falls down on the road. She starts running. She leaves her match and just aims to stop Vivaan from leaving her pind. Meera got to know a secret about Vivaan’s mum. She wants to tell Vivaan about it. Meera has learnt the truth from Vivaan’s dad. She feels Vivaan has a right to know the truth.


Harman announces that he will marry Jasleen. Soumya asks him to do anything if she fails to make him realize their love. Harman explains Jasleen that he will get rid of Soumya once he fails her in the task. Soumya and Harman spend the day’s time. Harman doesn’t realize Soumya’s love and asks her to now leave from his life. Raavi asks Jasleen to marry Harman. Jasleen doesn’t agree. Harak and Raavi try their best to convince Jasleen, as she is Harman’s best friend. Jasleen too agrees to marry Harman, believing friendship is much important in a marriage. Everyone supports Jasleen, except Preeto.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep wants to kill Aarohi and Nikku. He gets mad for revenge. Tara kidnaps Nikku. Deep waits to confront Aarohi. He gets confused between Aarohi and Tara. He points the gun at Tara. She tells him that she is Tara. She defends herself and tries to prove her identity. She tells Deep that she had tied Nikku here. He asks her to stop her drama now. He makes a mistake in knowing Tara. She tells him that Nikku has run away. He asks how can Nikku run, until you help him. Aarohi fools Deep and Tara. She rescues Nikku from Tara’s tortures.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya finds Ratan getting crazy after the drugs. She gets heartbroken. Ratan’s drama fails in front of her. She learns he was just acting as a drug addict to keep her away. She asks Ratan how could he plan so much just to stop her feelings and end their relation. Ratan apologizes. He blurts out the entire matter. He tells her that he was doing everything to avoid her feelings. He knew Diya loves him and will confess love to him, but he didn’t wish to happen. Diya sheds tears. Ratan wipes her tears. She gets too depressed.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan takes care of Pankti. He sits by her side while she sleeps. Ahaan wants to protect her and imagines their post marriage days, when he would be taking care of her as a dutiful husband. He looks forward for their marriage. He doesn’t know what has happened with her. Ahaan learns she has come home to meet her. He has no idea that Anita has sold Pankti to JD again. Ahaan doesn’t know that JD tried to molest Pankti. JD plays his dirty games. Pankti is dropped to Ahaan’s room. JD wants to frame Ahaan and Pankti in his trap.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil tries to convince Vedika for the dance competition. Devika asks Vedika to help her as she doesn’t know much about dance. Vedika teaches dance steps to Devika. Sahil and Varun admire the ladies. Sahil gets seated and enjoys Vedika’s dance. He tells Varun that Vedika will make him win the competition.

Laado 2:

Dadi shows an old photo album to Anushka. Anushka finds Juhi and Shaurya’s pictures. Dadi tells her about Shaurya’s past. Anushka stitches clothes for Kajal’s doll. Dadi tells some childhood incidents to Anushka. She leaves the album for her and goes. Anushka tries to keep the album in some shelf. She stumbles. Shaurya comes on time and holds Anushka. Anushka doesn’t want to get Shaurya’s attention. Dadi then spots them and blesses their pairing.


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