Woh Apna Sa: Rano’s tactics to fail Jia


Jia and Rano compete to prove their love for Arjun. Jia blames Rano for a theft case. Rano steals the idol jewelry. When Arjun’s mum questions Rano, the latter proves herself innocent. Rano then hides the jewelery and ends all the evidence. Rano plays a drama. Jia doesn’t find the jewelry in Rano’s bag. Jia explains Arjun that she isn’t lying. Arjun gets upset with Jia. He asks Jia not to blame Rano. He doesn’t listen to her. Rano wants to fail Jia in the tough tasks. She wants to wed Arjun and complete the left over wedding rounds. Rano wants to get Arjun’s love. She is ready to do anything to win the challenge. Jia doesn’t lose courage. She has lost in one test but is sure to pass in other tests. Jia is also determined to marry Arjun. She knows Rano isn’t good-hearted and Arjun will never be happy with her. She wants to expose Rano’s truth in front of Arjun and his mum.

Rano taunts Jia and makes fun of her. Rano freely shows her true side. She tells Jia that Arjun will hate her soon. Rano is playing games to win the test. She makes Jia fall in Arjun’s eyes. She wants to create more troubles between Arjun and Jia. Jia gets upset and cries. Rano gets overconfident that she will win. She impresses Arjun’s mum. She gets anklet as a gift. She shows the anklets to Jia and makes her jealous. Jia understands Rano will play such dirty tricks. Jia will also get stronger to oppose Rano.


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