Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Seth ji’s mystery to open up


Yashpal makes a plan to catch Namrata, who is still finding the shivlings. Yashpal tells Rahul that they will save Preeti and Minty, and not spare Seth ji. Shambu protects the shivlings. He worships, while Rudra guards him. Gauri realizes the Lord just signs the devotee to follow the right path, but the human has to fight the battle oneself. Preeti and Minty are at Seth ji’s house. They find everything similar as their house. Seth ji meets them and asks them not to get out of the room. Preeti tries to see his face, but misses. Namrata goes to find the shivlings. She sees the Shivlings revolving in air. She attempts to get the Shivlings. Yashpal traps Namrata in his plan. He catches her and asks her to call Seth ji. He asks her to mislead Seth ji and inform him that she got the Shivlings.

Namrata gets trapped by police. She calls Seth ji and asks him to meet her if he wants to get the shivlings. Seth ji agrees to her. Namrata asks Rahul to keep her along. Rahul tells her that he hates her. Gauri gets Rahul’s call. She learns Yashpal has caught up Namrata and now the police is trying to catch Seth ji.

Rahul asks her to return to Siddhpur and let him find the Shivlings. Gauri asks Thakur to come along to village. Thakur agrees on Rahul’s insistence. Namrata meets Seth ji. She asks him to prove that he is Seth ji. She asks him to tell her about his evil deeds. Seth ji reveals his crimes in front of her. Rahul and Yashpal keep an eye on Namrata to nab Seth ji. Namrata asks Seth ji to come in front and reveal his true identity. Seth ji demands her to get Shivlings first. He scolds her for trapping him in her plans. Yashpal tries to arrest Seth ji. Police reaches there to catch Seth ji. Seth ji’s mystery will be getting revealed soon. Rahul will be receiving a big shock when he gets to see Seth ji’s real identity. Rahul and Yashpal will be learning that Seth ji is none other than Rahul’s brother Indra, who acted dead in the Kaal Bhairav temple. Indra will be returning with vicious motives. A big shock is about to come for Rahul and entire village. Actor Iqbal Khan will be returning to the show to add interesting twists to the climax.


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