Zee’s Mohabbat Ka Mahasangam: Sahil-Vedika to help out Varun-Devika win the competition


Sahil gets stubborn. He wants Vedika to support him and perform in the dance competition. She stands under sunlight and tells her that he won’t move till she agrees to him. Sahil gets weak and stumbles. Vedika holds her. She doesn’t want to hurt his wounds more. Sahil gets fainting by the pain. Vedika agrees to him finally. She gets ready to participate in the couple dance competition. Sahil wants everyone to accept them as husband and wife.

Varun and Devika rehearse for the competition. Vedika becomes their dance master. Vedika teaches them the moves. Sahil also asks Varun to learn well. Varun gets hurt by Devika’s hand. They start arguing. Sahil decides to help Varun and make him win the competition, knowing his financial needs. Vedika also wants to help Varun and Devika. Sahil stays lost in Vedika’s dreams. He claps for Vedika when Varun and Devika perform well. Sahil dreams and dances with Vedika with much love and charm.


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