Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Mohena to tarnish Kesar Mahal’s prestige


Yash and Mohena get married. They take the wedding rounds. The family gets happy for them. Yash hugs Diya and Ratan. Ratan tells Kakisa that they all are united. He promises that he will set everything fine. Mohena gets angry seeing Diya. She is not happy with the marriage. Mohena wanted to have a destination wedding in Italy. She didn’t know Yash won’t fulfill her dreams. Mohena gets affected by Yash’s family problems. Diya and Ratan are parting ways by getting divorced. Ratan gets blamed for their bankruptcy. The investors meet Ratan and ask him to return their funds.

Ratan fails to convince them, but Diya takes a stand for him. She handles the matter as always. Diya doesn’t want Ratan to fall in any problem. Ratan and Yash think who is spreading the bankruptcy news. They want to prove that everything is fine and they have no financial problems.

Yash suggests them that they should exhibit their richness and jewelry in front of Rajwadas, so that they can prove they are still rich. Diya and Ratan give their nod to his plan. Yash assures Ratan that they can regain their family reputation. Mohena learns Yash’s idea to save the family respect. She holds enmity against them as her dream wedding plan got cancelled. Mohena plans and robs the jewelry. She hides all the jewelry. She wants to take revenge from Diya and Ratan, assuming them to be influencing Yash. Mohena wants to win Yash’s love. She is upset with Yash and his friends. She doesn’t realize her mistake. She wants to break Diya and Yash’s friendship. She wants Yash to just focus on her and trust her. Ratan gets upset as Vivaan event is not able to workout well. Diya tells Ratan that their problems will end soon, all the vendors will come back and invest in the event like before.


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