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Udaan: Chakor meets a rich guy Karan Oberoi, who gets drawn to her after their first meet in the handicrafts exhibition conducted in Mumbai. He tells Chakor that Gauri’s talents are really good and he wants to visit her village to prosper it. Chakor gets glad that Gauri’s talents got recognized. She does the deal with Karan so that her village can get funding for the handicrafts export. Karan visits the villagers with Suraj and Chakor.

Soumya is trying hard to convince Harman. She sings a song on their surprise date. She tries to end Harman’s annoyance. Soumya and Harman perform dance. Soumya tells him that she loves him a lot. She sings out the love confession with an apology. He asks her to forgive him, as she is really a bad singer. He makes her sit quiet. She tries to win his heart. He gets emotional and doesn’t turn rude. She is hopeful that she will make her relation fine.


Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Roma gets worried seeing Vedika. Roma then brings a twist. She shares the story of helping Vedika. Vedika doesn’t reveal any truth. Roma gains good publicity and enjoys the fame. She tells Prithvi that the media has made her a star, all thanks to Deep. She shares her happiness with Deep. She asks Deep to read her appraisal in newspapers. Deep is loyal to her. She finds him worried and asks the matter. He tells her that someone is trying to malign her image. She asks him to knock off all her enemies. She asks Deep who is her enemy. Deep asks her not to worry, as he will handle the enemies. He says just good things suit you, don’t talk of killing people. She says good things weakens me, this is my dream to become a minister, I can’t leave my dreams, I can’t allow anyone ruin me. Deep assures her that he will not let anyone pose hurdles for her.

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala:
Kulfi makes an innocent wish in front of Nimrat. Kulfi hugs her mum. She can’t stay away from Nimrat. She asks Nimrat to hug her and sleep. Nimrat gets emotional seeing her love. Kulfi tells her that she gets peace when Nimrat is with her. This turns out to be Kulfi’s dream, as she is away from Nimrat in reality.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Ira stands for Akhilesh again. She can’t see his humiliation happening in the gym. She knows Akhilesh’s strengths. She finds Akhilesh bearing the bad taunts over his operation. She feels sorry that Akhilesh is facing everything because of her. She scolds Aditya for disrespecting his brother in front of everyone. She then targets Aditya and asks him to have a wrestling competition with Akhilesh if he is sure of his victory. Ira is confident that Akhilesh will win, as he is a wrestler. She asks Akhilesh to make Aditya bite the dust, so that all such men who compare manhood in wrong sense gets an answer. Akhilesh doesn’t want Aditya to lose and get insulted. He gets thankful to Ira for defending him. He feels he should accept Ira’s friendship and thank her.

Savitri Devi College and Hospital:

Sanchi bears Savitri’s taunts. She isn’t at any fault, but tolerates everything. Her problems didn’t get less. Savitri gives one lakh to Sanchi and asks her to manage the house expenses. Sanchi manages the expenses for a week and gets short of money. Savitri wants to show that Sanchi failed in her attempt, she can’t manage anything. Veer supports Sanchi. He doesn’t want any lavish thing. He tells Savitri that he will accept anything simple that Sanchi plans on his birthday. Gayatri and Savitri dislike Sanchi. Savitri gets angered when Veer chooses Sanchi over her.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Manjiri doubts on Riddhi, who has risked her own life for her boss. She asks Riddhi why did she risk her life to save Vin from the big danger. She wonders how Riddhi didn’t get scared for herself. She asks Riddhi what’s her real identity, does she know Vin before. She is glad that Riddhi has done a lot for Vin. She asks if she is in love with Vin. Siddhi hides her identity as she has to know the real culprits behind the attacks.


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