Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Rahul gets suspicious of Indra’s link-up

Indra divine proclamation Kaal Bhairav

Rudra saves the little boy from Seth ji, who gets adamant to kill the people who has seen his face. Rudra does a deal and tells Seth ji/Indra that he will hand over the Shivlings to him. He saves all the innocent devotees from Seth ji’s anger. Namrata asks Indra to leave her Rahul when he has got the Shivlings. Shambu Baba gets the Shivlings to hand over to Seth ji. Indra asks Shambu and Rudra to come along with him. He doesn’t let them go. Gauri feels she has seen Seth ji before. Lakhan also feels he is familiar. Latika tells Gauri that the Shivlings have gone in reverse direction. Gauri is sure that Lord will take the Shivlings to Kashi for purification.

Preeti scolds Minty for calling Seth ji her dad. She gets angry as Minty is spoiling Indra’s name. Rahul asks Minty not to go anywhere. He consoles her. He shows her Indra’s picture and asks her to keep the picture with her. Namrata asks Seth ji to spare Rahul now. Indra doesn’t reveal his identity to her. He throws down Namrata from his car and gets rid of her.


Namrata wants her Rahul back. She cries for her love. Seth ji gets glad to get Shivlings with him. He gets another shock when he faces a big obstacle in his way. Yashpal reaches there and finds Seth ji in the crime. He asks Seth ji to surrender to police. Shambu and Rudra tie the goons and escape with the Shivlings with ease. Seth ji gets angered when he loses the Shivlings. He tries to follow Shambu and Rudra. Seth ji returns home. He threatens Preeti and Rahul. He tells them that he was going to leave them today, but Yashpal ruined his plan. He asks them to cooperate with him. Rahul gets into a heated argument with Indra. Indra wants to get Shivlings back. Minty tells Rahul and Preeti that she can prove Seth ji is Indra. She makes the fake disguise as seen in the video, and proves to them that Indra is Seth ji. Rahul and Preeti can’t believe Minty, as Indra has died in the temple. Rahul gets shaken up by the thought that his dear brother is the cruel criminal Seth ji. Rahul starts spying on Seth ji. He learns Minty is indeed right.


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