Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan and Diya plot to secure the family pride

Diya tries to expose imposter

Ratan and Diya prepare the food with love. Ratan manages all the work. She tells him that he can’t clean the utensils, he can’t handle it alone. He tells her that he can easily handle everything, as he used to stay alone abroad. Diya teaches him work. They play with water and soap bubbles like kids. Diya also doesn’t know cooking well. They plan to make anything of their knowledge. Diya cooks the food and burns it. Ratan dumps the food and washes the kadai so that no one knows about it. Ratan goes out and sees Kakisa worried. He tells Kakisa that he will find a solution. Kakisa senses something has burnt in the kitchen.

She goes to check there. Ratan tries to hide the burnt food from her. Kakisa doesn’t see the bin. She finds the burnt Kadai dish and shows her experience in reaching the truth. She tells him that he can’t hide the truth from her. Ratan gets caught. Diya also admits her mistake. She tells the story of burning the food by her negligence. Kakisa asks Ratan how can he wash utensils being the owner of Kesar Mahal.

She says our prestige will be ruined if people know this, they will laugh on us, even though Ratan got educated abroad and has a different perception. She asks Ratan not to do this again. Ratan salutes Kakisa for her intelligence. Ratan takes Diya to the locker. He tells Diya that the locker password is her date of birth. He then punches the code and gets the jewelry from the locker. He tells that he just remembers her birthday. She feels special and gets glad. Diya wants to prove bankruptcy rumors false. They have to get back the investors home. Ratan and Diya hide the jewelry so that police doesn’t seize it. Kakisa worries seeing the locker empty.


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