Savitri Devi College and Hospital: Sanchi to face more criticism by Malhotras

Savitri Devi: Sanchi attempts to cage evil Naintara

Sanchi bears Savitri’s taunts. She isn’t at any fault, but tolerates everything. Her problems didn’t get less. Savitri gives one lakh to Sanchi and asks her to manage the house expenses. Sanchi manages the expenses for a week and gets short of money. Savitri wants to show that Sanchi failed in her attempt, she can’t manage anything. Veer supports Sanchi. He doesn’t want any lavish thing. He tells Savitri that he will accept anything simple that Sanchi plans on his birthday. Gayatri and Savitri dislike Sanchi. Savitri gets angered when Veer chooses Sanchi over her.

She gives two lakhs to Veer and asks him to celebrate his birthday well. Veer refuses to throw the party by accepting the money. Savitri wants the celebrations to be perfect. Veer tells Savitri that he loves her a lot, but he can’t take money from her, its enough that she thought for him. Veer asks Savitri to just bless him. Savitri worries for him.


Veer just wants the family to accept his wife heartily. He says accepting Sanchi will be a gift for him. Veer and Sanchi leave. Gayatri instigates Savitri against Sanchi. She says Sanchi has influenced Veer, as this never happened that he refused to celebrate his birthday. She says Veer is following his wife’s command, if he continues doing this, he will soon become her puppet. She asks Savitri to do something and make Sanchi away. Gayatri doesn’t want Sanchi to stay with them. She wants Savitri to throw out Sanchi. Sanchi is facing all the hurdles and passing in all the tests because of Veer’s support and love.


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