Aapke Aa Jane Se: Nidhi plots to defame Vedika


Sahil wanted Vedika to earn money by tuition. He knew she is jobless and would need money to balance her expenses. Nidhi fails his plans by tagging Vedika characterless. Nidhi sends a man to tease Vedika and then put the blame on Vedika. Vedika defends herself. The people gather there. The man accuses Vedika. The people vent out anger on Vedika. The man defames Vedika and tells Sahil that Vedika was getting after him. The man’s wife scolds Vedika for breaking her marriage. The man goes to the extent of slapping Vedika. Sahil intervenes and stops the man. He beats the man red and blue.

He asks the lady to leave Vedika. The lady twists Vedika’s hands and asks the other ladies to boycott Vedika. Vedika asks them to leave. The lady asks how could you false accuse my husband. Vedika explains that the man was at fault, she didn’t do anything. The man raises his voice to blame her. Sahil believes in Vedika. He scolds the people to defend Vedika, who is managing her life single-handedly without anyone’s help.

The lady asks the ladies not to send their kids to Vedika’s house for tuition as Vedika is a bad character woman. The people take away their kids home. They ask Vedika to shut the tuition. Vedika has to work hard and earn a living for the family. Sahil tried hard to protect Vedika, but he loses out when all the kids leave the tuition. Nidhi fails Vedika and threatens her. Sahil tells everyone that he is Vedika’s husband and he will look after the family’s needs. He believes Vedika as his wife, but Vedika believes Nidhi is his wife. Vedika gets angry on his madness. She asks him not to add more troubles for her. Vedika will find some other way to earn an honest living.

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