Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan to get impressed by Diya


Diya and Ratan light a lamp together. They make a prayer. Ratan’s event is facing troubles. He feels maybe his event won’t be possible. Diya asks him not to lose hope. She lights a diya of their hope. She encourages with her belief. Ratan wishes all their problems end soon. Diya meets the investors to answer them. She tells them that she is trying hard to rectify the wrong. She says they have worked with the family for years but still their thinking is so confined. She asks them to be confident of Ratan’s event management. She takes a stand for Ratan.

Diya keeps Ratan’s respect. She says I will take this responsibility. Ratan gets impressed by Diya. She assures the investors that they will get profits. She asks them to show some belief in Kesar Mahal and family. Diya buys some time and solves the problems. She will be returning the family pride.

Diya, Ratan and Yash manage a big responsibility. Ratan and Diya take the jewelry from the locker. Ratan tells Yash that they have done this to protect the jewelry and find the culprit. They keep the jewelry in their room. Ratan has to protect his family’s prestige. Ratan asks Diya what’s the next plan. Diya tells Ratan that they will hide the real jewelry and keep the fake one there, so that police can get a clue and find the culprit for the theft. Diya and Ratan have an argument. Ratan doesn’t want the jewelry to be sent to Rampur. Diya tells him that its very important to shift the jewelry. He then agrees to take the bag safely. Diya doesn’t count on him, as he is immature. She tells him that she will go, as its a big thing. Ratan tells her that he can’t let her go, as its late night hours.

Yash asks them to stop fighting and let him take the jewelry, as he is a police officer and none can get a doubt on him. He asks Diya to stay at home. Diya asks Yash what will he tell Mohena if she questions him. Yash says I can guard the jewelry well, I will manage to hide this matter from Mohena, I will tell her about my night duty at the hotel. He asks Diya not to worry. Mohena hears Yash and Diya’s talk. Diya tells Yash that she completely trusts him, as he is a responsible man and knows the importance of the jewelry for maintaining the family pride. Yash promises that he will fulfill his duty well. She tells Yash that this jewelry is their ancestors’ blessings. Yash assures them that he will do his best. Yash gets ready for his test. Yash takes the bag with him. He takes advantage of night’s darkness and flees, according to their plans. Mohena tries to spy on Yash. Will Mohena ruin Diya’s planning? Keep reading.

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