Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: A big test of love and belief for Diya


Ratan and Diya celebrate Maan Singh’s birth anniversary. Ratan plans to honor his dad. He makes Maan Singh’s statue. He learns someone else has taken the statue to the venue. He gets angry and asks the servants about the guy. Mohena engages Ratan in talk. She tells him about Yash’s affair. He reacts cool, which upsets her. She asks him won’t he get jealous if Diya has an affair. Ratan tells her that he will be happy if Diya finds a guy for herself, he will be the first person to get Diya married to her love. Ratan laughs on Mohena’s jealousy. Mohena and Yash have an argument. They challenge to Ratan that they will prove that Ratan also loves Diya. Ratan explains that he doesn’t love Diya. Yash wants Ratan to realize his feelings. Yash doesn’t wish Diya and Ratan’s relation to break.

Diya cries as she is getting divorced. Kakisa asks Diya to stay away from Ratan, so that any other girl can come in his life. She asks Diya to vacate her place and move out of Kesar Mahal. Ratan’s childhood friend Mithi meets Ratan and beats him, calling him a servant. She doesn’t identify him. Ratan says I m not any servant. Mithi doesn’t listen to him and talks with disrespect. She boasts of her friendship with Ratan. She tells him that he lied to her and didn’t tell that he has chosen a big house for work. Diya tells the girl that Ratan is the owner of Kesar Mahal, not any servant. Mithi then apologizes to Ratan by falling in his feet. Ratan forgives her.

Meanwhile, the family gathers to celebrate in the ceremony. Diya gets a huge shock when they find Ratan’s lookalike. Ratan arrives in the ceremony late and exposes the fraud. Diya keeps a knife at the imposter’s neck and asks him who is he. The imposter claims to be real Ratan Maan Singh. He tells Diya that the guy living with them as Ratan is fraud.

The family doesn’t believe him. The guy tells Diya that she is guarding a wrong person since years. Ratan calls it sheer nonsense. Chote Kakusa asks the guy if he is overdrunk or came to them with some big planning. He makes fun of the guy. The guy tells Diya that he has enough evidences to prove he is the rightful heir of Kesar Mahal. The guy provides evidences. The suspicion grows and ruins their happiness. Diya shows her belief in Ratan. She doesn’t want anyone to test her patience, intelligence, belief and love. The family tells Diya that this is her test, she has to find the real Ratan. Ratan falls in trouble. What will Diya decide? Keep reading.


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