Woh Apna Sa: Akash and Jia’s romance act to anger Arjun


Akash and Jia have romance over tea. Jia tries to be a dutiful wife. Their romance angers Arjun. Jia calls Akash the best husband. Arjun angrily breaks the glass. He fails to tolerate more and goes away. Rano understands Jia’s plans. She tries to expose Jia and Akash’s fake marriage drama in front of Arjun. Akash wants Arjun and Jia to unite. He consoles Jia and asks her to be hopeful. Jia tells Akash that they have to expose Rano’s true face. She worries for Akash and Arjun’s bad terms. Akash asks her not to worry, as he isn’t worried to lie, if the lie can solve all their problems.

Rano creates a scene and shows Arjun that Jia is strangulating her. Jia tells Arjun that she didn’t hurt Rano, its just a fake story. Arjun asks Rano if she is fine. He worries for her. He feels Jia wants to harm Rano. Arjun unknowingly slaps Jia. Rano gets happy seeing their arguments. Arjun tells Jia that he didn’t slap her deliberately.

Akash defends Jia. He asks Arjun how can he slap his wife. Akash takes Jia along. Rano tells Jia that her Mu dikhai won’t happen and she should just prepare for leaving. She insults Jia. Jia knows Binny is innocent and Rano has done that cheap thing to plot her wardrobe malfunction. Rano accepts she has done everything. She says Binny is just like you, she can’t stoop so low. Jia asks Rano to better change herself before Arjun starts hating her for her truth.



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