Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira to face more troubles


Naira tries to fail Suhana’s plans. She tells Suwarna that she will make Suhana wear the jewelry. She replaces the real ones with fake jewelry. She completes the rituals. She tells Suhana that she won’t let her win. Suhana still stays overconfident. Naira tells Kartik that the family won’t believe them if they have no proof. She doesn’t want Aryan to feel bad. Naira asks Kartik about the hairpin, assuming he gifted it. Kartik has no idea about it. He compliments her. The stalker eyes her. He wishes Naira comes in her life. Kirti requests Devyaani for her herbal kada and wins her heart. Devyaani gets happy that Kirti has sided away her doubts. Naksh gets glad with Kirti’s understanding.

The stalker leaves a love note for Naira. Naira thinks its sent by Kartik and thanks her. Singhanias come for Suhana’s Mamabhat ritual. Savita gets saved by acting clever. She asks Naitik to do the rituals by being Suhana’s uncle for the day. She gives honor to Naitik. Naitik agrees to do the rituals. Suhana laughs on Naira and asks her if she likes her move.

Naitik tells Suhana that she is also like Naira and Kirti for him. Suhana fools Naitik. She passes taunts on Naira, which angers Kartik. Naitik fulfills the rituals. Naira tells Aryan about the customs. She asks Suhana and Aryan to value each other than anything else. Aryan is ready to sacrifice anything for Suhana. Suhana gets trapped by Naira again. Kartik and Naira ask Suhana to prove that she fits in the family well. Aryan applies mehendi to Suhana’s hand. All the men apply mehendi to their spouses’ hands. Suhana gets the mehendi applied by Aryan. Aryan apologizes to her when the mehendi gets spilled. Suhana praises Naira and Kartik’s pairing. The stalker reaches Naira to apply her mehendi. He hides when Naira tries to see. Kartik asks Naira about the mehendi. Naira asks him not to joke, as she knows its him. She cleans the mehendi. The stalker tries to corner Naira. Suhana plans to hurt Naira in the Sangeet ceremony. She gets vicious plans in mind.

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