Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Rudra reaches Namrata to rescue


Namrata wants to go to Rahul. The family doesn’t let her go. Namrata asks them not to stop them. Her Shivlings’ bag falls on the sick lady and cures her completely. The old lady gets fine and shocks her family. Namrata becomes a medium to cure the lady. She asks the family to leave her. Rudra reaches there to save Namrata. Rahul and Yashpal make a plan to nab Indra. Rahul consoles Preeti. Rahul asks Preeti to forgive Minty, as the latter isn’t at fault. Minty promises that she won’t inform Indra. Gauri leaves a message for Rahul and makes a plan to get Indra caught. Rudra makes an excuse and rescues Namrata. He shows up the Shivlings to the people and asks them to free Namrata.

The family apologizes to Namrata and lets her free. Rudra thanks the family for looking after Namrata. Indra asks Gauri to inform her about the Shivlings. He gets threatening her. Yashpal makes Minty provide wrong information to Indra. Minty informs Indra that Rahul has left for the village. Indra feels Rahul has gone and now he will get his hands on Shivlings easily. He feels his good time has begun.

Gayatri tries to reach Indra for revenge. The doctors doesn’t let her go out in a weak state. Gauri wishes Rahul got her message. Rahul reaches Gauri and finds her with Indra. Rahul and Yashpal get police back up. Thakur worries for Gauri, who got stuck with Indra. They pray for Gauri’s safety. Rahul and Yashpal try to nab Indra. Rahul asks Preeti to be safe outside. He secures Preeti and Minty. They enter the temple where they spotted Indra going. They miss out Indra and don’t understand how he escaped. Indra learns Rahul and Yashpal’s plans. He scolds them for taking his threatening light. Indra will be murdering Yashpal.

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