Naamkarann (PicFiction): Neil to declare his decision of remarriage

Avni breaks down Neil apologizes

Prakash confronts Avni about Mogli. He knows Mogli is Neil’s son. He asks Avni to accept this as he can’t be wrong in identifying his blood. Avni accepts that Mogli is Neil and her son. Neil meets Mitali to ask her well being. He recalls the pain given by Avni. He proposes Mitali for marriage. He assures her that Avni is out of his heart and life. He wants Mitali to become his life companion. He asks Mitali to answer him. Avni tells Prakash that she was helpless to lie about Mogli. Prakash asks Avni why didn’t she hide this from them, they deserved to know this truth and love Mogli. Avni tells them that she learnt about her pregnancy after leaving the house and then gave birth to Mogli, she was bound by her decision to hide her identity.

Prakash asks Avni not to snatch Neil’s rights. He feels Neil deserves to know this truth. Avni doesn’t want to lose Mogli. She asks Prakash not to tell anything to Neil, which could intensify his hatred. She fears of Neil’s intense hatred. Prakash asks Avni not to be selfish and let Neil and Mogli know their relation.

Avni stays adamant to have Mogli with her. Prakash tells her that he won’t unveil the secret till she decides this herself. He doesn’t want Mogli to live as an orphan when he has his parents with him. Neil awaits Mitali’s decision. He knows its tough for her to decide. Mitali asks him to be sure of his decision, as love can’t be done hastily. She professes his love to Neil. She respects his feelings for Avni too. She knows Neil can’t love her from his heart, even though he will profess it again and again. Avni recalls Mogli’s birth. She cries on her pain. Sunehri asks Avni to reveal the truth to Neil, who deserves to know it. Mogli overhears Avni and Sunehri’s conversation. He realizes he isn’t an orphan.

Sunehri asks Avni not to give much pain to Mogli. Mogli learns he is Avni and Neil’s son. Avni fears to lose Mogli like she lost everyone. The truth affects Mogli. Mogli leaves from the house in a gloomy state. Meanwhile, Kamini and Saisha’s differences don’t come to an end. Kamini wants to get rid of Saisha some how. Avni realizes Mogli is missing. Sunehri blames Avni for always misleading Mogli from the truth. She says Mogli has gone away as you kept him away from the truth. Mogli weeps thinking of Avni and Neil. Bebe feels Prakash is hiding a big truth from them. Neil informs the family that Mitali is fine. He reveals that he has proposed Mitali for marriage. Bebe asks him to be sure of his feelings. Neil wants to move on in life. Bebe knows his past will catch up. Neil tells them that he wants to marry Mitali. Avni seeks Neil’s help to find Mogli.


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