ChandraShekhar: Chandra to get caught up by Britishers


Chandra gets interested to watch the game of cricket played by the Britishers in the club. The inhumane Britishers find ways to humiliate Brij and Chandra. Brij is Manohar’s new roommate. He bonds with Chandra, finding him a sweet little boy. Brij understands Chandra is fearless, but doesn’t want him to fall in any trouble. Chandra visits his home every night secretly and sights his mum and dad missing him. He stays away from the family with a determination to become something. Chandra wants to get revenge from Watson. He recollects how Watson killed Sindhal in a cruel way. Chandra aims to make Watson pay for his crimes.

When Chandra visits the home, Jagrani senses him around. She fails to spot him around. Chandra sleeps on the tree at night and returns to Manohar in the morning. Chandra joins Brij in his work at the cricket club, just to observe the game. He is compelled to work for the Britishers and gets humiliated for no reason.

A Britisher finds ways to insult Chandra again and again, which angers Chandra even more. Brij asks Chandra not to stare at Britishers, and remember that they are slaves. Chandra doesn’t want to live a life of a slave and prefers to better die. Chandra finds an opportunity while playing the game. He injures Watson by hitting a cricket ball at him. Chandra makes his life difficult for himself, when he gets caught in the act. Britishers decide to punish him.



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