Kaleerein: Naagin twist in Meera-Vivaan’s love tale

Kaleerein: Vivaan-Meera succeed to defeat psychotic Sunny

There is a new entry of a Naagin in Meera and Vivaan’s life. The Naagin gets after Vivaan when he passes by some ancient tree, on which she was residing. She decides to win Vivaan. She gets attracted to Vivaan. The Naagin appears in front of everyone. She is poisonous and scares everyone by her Vishkanya avatar. Meera, Vivaan and the entire family get a huge shock on seeing the flying Naagin at home. The Naagin tells everyone that she has come to take Vivaan with her. She pushes Meera away and injures her. She tells Vivaan that he is her lover, he has to come with her, else she will kill his entire family.

She gets crazy after Vivaan. Meera opposes the Naagin and takes a stand for her husband. She doesn’t get scared and scolds the Naagin. She saves Vivaan and gets hurt in the fight. Naagin shows her supernatural powers, while Meera has her devotional power. Meera doesn’t want Vivaan’s life to get ruined. Roma wants also Meera and Vivaan to get separated.

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