Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan turns furious by family’s suspicion


Ratan gets red in anger. He meets Kakusa and Yash at the cafe. He gets drunk and expresses his feelings. He tells Kakusa that they all are his strength. Ratan is happy that Diya believes him. Yash also doesn’t doubt on Ratan. Kakusa asks him to say one thing true, who is he, is he Ratan or Deepu. Ratan denies that he is Deepu. He gets upset seeing Kakusa doubting on him. He throws the dining top and gets angry. Ratan loses his cool when he is suspected to be fake. Everyone is worried and wants to know real Ratan.

Ratan asks Yash to come with him if he wants a proof about his identity. He takes Yash with him to the place which they used to visit in childhood. Yash calms down Ratan. Ratan wants to calm down everyone. Later, Ratan increases the security at the hotel. Mithi refuses to get the security check. She complains to Ratan that the guards are troubling her. He tells her that she has to follow the security protocol, what is in her bag that she is refusing. She convinces him and skips the security check.

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