Ikyawann: Susheel goes missing; Sarthi gets arrested


Susheel gets much injured during the match with Jessica, when the latter takes drugs and overpowers. Susheel learns the bitter truth that Leela has killed her family women. She gains courage by the anger and manages to defeat Jessica in the last round. Susheel gets announced as the champion. Sarthi reaches Susheel to congratulate her for the win. Susheel learns about Leela and Jessica’s team up. Leela gets angered with Susheel’s win. She injures Susheel by pushing her down. She checks Susheel and finds her breath not running. Leela guesses that Susheel has died.

Leela injures Susheel after losing temper. Leela can’t tolerate Susheel’s win. Sarthi doubts on Leela when Susheel goes missing. Leela worries as she has killed Susheel. She doesn’t know where did Susheel go, if anyone moved her body. Sarthi gets the police to Ajmera house and exposes Leela for drugging Jessica by the spiked pickles. Leela doesn’t get scared. She blames Sarthi and tells inspector that she isn’t related to Susheel now, there is no enmity between them, its Sarthi who could have kidnapped Susheel. Leela doesn’t want anyone to blame her.

Sarthi tells Leela that Jessica locked her in the room, she wasn’t around Susheel when the match happened. Leela tells Sarthi that Susheel has eaten the drugged pickles, Jessica didn’t take any drugs. She tries to take the game in her hands. She traps Sarthi and gets her arrested. Sarthi understands Leela’s plotting. Leela tricks everyone by her lies. Sarthi gets upset that Kali and others are also doubting on him. Sarthi wants to prove that its not her mistake, she genuinely worries for Susheel. Leela is very clever and confident that none can make her admit the crimes. Where did Susheel disappear? Keep reading.


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