Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita gets more clued about Raman’s innocence


Adi meets Roshni at night and tells her about his growing problems with Aaliya. He misunderstands Aaliya and her efforts. He tells Roshni that Aaliya wants him to depend on her. He wants to prove anyone that he is better. Roshni comforts him by boosting his confidence. She shows belief in him and offers him help. Adi gets glad to have her with him. Aaliya tells the family that Adi is busy in office. She hides about her fights. She shows her belief in Adi. She tells them that she trusts Adi and his love, he can never do anything wrong. Raman asks Aaliya to always trust Adi. He is proud that Ishita also trusts him. Ishita doesn’t want to think wrong about Raman. She limits her thinking for the betterment of the family.

Adi and Roshni get caught up by the police in an odd situation. Adi gets helpless to lie that Roshni is his wife. Inspector doesn’t trust him. Roshni presents their marriage picture, which she had been keeping with her always. Inspector accepts the proof presented by Roshni. Adi thanks her for saving him. Adi tells her that if she burnt the picture, they would have caught up in a big mess. Roshni still loves Adi and hides her feelings. Adi tells her that they both look good together. Raman asks Shravan to surprise Bala by gifting a good laptop. Shravan lies to him. Raman feels Bala will be proud of him. Romi tries to nab the culprit misusing Mihika’s gift card. Mani asks Romi to take the help of police and find the culprit. Shravan isn’t aware of the problems reaching him.

Ishita analyzes Sonakshi’s case and meets Arushi. She tries to prove Raman innocent, but Arushi doesn’t believe her. She asks Arushi not to get blaming Raman. She scolds Arushi for framing her husband. Arushi curses her for losing a family member and knowing her pain. The same police inspector reaches Bhalla house to solve Mihika’s card theft issue. He gets to see Adi and Aaliya’s marriage picture. Adi gets worried when he meets the inspector. Aaliya introduces Adi as her husband. Adi fears that his lie will be out in front of Aaliya. He gets worried. Ruhi finds Ishita in stress and offers help. Ishita tells Ruhi that she is trying to solve some issues, but can’t share anything with her. She tries to know who is misusing Raman’s name in the fraud.


Ishita then gets to see some important clues which she missed before. Ishita realizes Arushi has been cheated by someone else, not by Raman’s company. Adi tries to avoid the inspector and makes a leave. Inspector doesn’t tell anything to Aaliya. He follows Adi and confronts him for his lie. Adi then accepts the mistake and the need to lie. He tells inspector that Aaliya knows about his friend Roshni. Inspector leaves him with a warning. Ishita gets the same letterhead in the store and learns someone is using Raman’s name for executing the fraud.


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