Ikyawann: Satya decides to sever ties with Leela


Susheel goes missing. Satya calls the cops to know about Susheel. Mehul and Kali also try to find Susheel. Sarthi worries for Susheel. She suspects Leela to be behind the conspiracy. Even though, she has no proof against Leela, she is sure that something happened with Susheel. Satya tells Kali that if Leela is responsible for Susheel’s disappearance, then he will end all ties with her. Leela hides to spy on them. Sejal sights her. Satya gets angry on Leela, but Kali stops her. Leela tells Satya that she isn’t involved in anything, as she has just visited the wrestling grounds to see Susheel’s match.

Satya gets a shocking news. He tells them that inspector got someone’s dead body, who is resembling Susheel. They all break down and don’t think its Susheel. Leela stays worried that someone has taken Susheel away. Soumya gets crazy to marry Satya. She ignites the havan kund and awaits Satya. She tries to pressurize Satya to marry her, but he is away finding Susheel. He has all hopes that Susheel isn’t dead.


Soumya calls up Leela to know about her. Leela visits the morgue to check the dead body and get sure if its Susheel or not. Soumya hinders her plans. She calls Leela and asks about her marriage with Satya. Leela threatens to end her life. Satya and family reach the morgue to check the corpse. Leela hides there, while Sarthi gets suspicious finding Leela’s phone there. They get relief when they see someone else. Leela fails to understand where did Susheel disappear. She tries hard to locate Susheel, either alive or dead. Sarthi finds it strange that Leela is behaving odd. Leela comes to know about Soumya’s marriage drama at home. Soumya asks Satya to marry her, else she will commit suicide. Satya questions Leela about her whereabouts. Sarthi accuses Leela for drugging Jessica to get Susheel killed.


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