Savitri Devi: More troubles for Veer and Sanchi

troubles for sanchi

Veer manages to surprise Sanchi. He sends flowers for Sanchi by the kids. He wants to express his love to her. Sanchi asks Veer to stop all this, as she has to work. Sanchi limits Veer. She unknowingly slaps Veer, which angers Anand and Savitri. Savitri slaps Sanchi in front of everyone and scolds Sanchi for slapping Veer. Veer tells his mum that Sanchi didn’t slap her, it happened by mistake, she didn’t mean to do it. Savitri scolds him for getting blind in love. She asks Veer to realize that Sanchi wants to make him dance on his fingers. She shows the wrist bands by which Jaya is controlling them. Veer gets speechless as he can’t reveal anything.

Jaya too gets angry on Veer for removing the bands and telling everything to Savitri. Savitri warns Jaya. She asks Jaya who gave her the right to tie a band to her son’s hand and limit him, how can she make her son a puppet. Jaya tells Savitri that her son’s doings are such that she had to do this to control him. They have a heated argument. The old fight continues.

Savitri and Jaya always hold their bitter enmity. They take side of their children and argue. Veer and Sanchi get upset seeing their mums at loggerheads. Savitri says Sanchi has ruined my son’s life, she doesn’t deserve to become bahu of Malhotra family. She asks Jaya to see her own daughter before blaming her son. She calls Sanchi a selfish woman, who just wants success. She says Sanchi doesn’t value her husband and relations, even though she has fulfilled her dream to become a rich man’s wife. She asks Sanchi to be dutiful towards Veer as a good wife. She scolds Jaya for giving such upbringing to Sanchi. Sanchi decides to save her marriage. Jaya stops her and asks if Veer did any magic on her. She asks Sanchi to see Veer and Savitri’s planning. Sanchi tells Jaya that she wants to save her relation. She is troubled by the rooted misunderstandings harming the relations.


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