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Tu Aashiqui:
JD reaches Ahaan and Pankti at the village. JD tells them that they can’t get saved. He asks Pankti to leave Ahaan, who isn’t capable of saving her. Ahaan and Pankti try to run away. JD and his goons follow Ahaan and Pankti, who have no way to save their lives. They run into the jungle. Ahaan tells Pankti that they have to jump down the cliff if they want to get rid of JD. Pankti doesn’t think of anything and believes Ahaan’s decision. They jump down the cliff. They manage to survive. JD wants to find them any how.

Laado 2:

Anushka is getting engaged to Shaurya. She is living a fake identity of Juhi. She is helpless to live as Juhi. Shaurya doesn’t know her real identity. Anushka keeps Dadi’s heart. She is not able to forget Yuvraaj’s memories. She takes this big decision, which is much difficult for her. She hates herself for playing with Shaurya’s feelings. She realizes she is doing wrong. She wants to do the drama till Juhi comes home. She is failing Shagun and Amrish’s plans to nab the property. She wants to secure Juhi’s property.

Savitri Devi College and Hospital:

Veer manages to surprise Sanchi. He sends flowers for Sanchi by the kids. He wants to express his love to her. Sanchi asks Veer to stop all this, as she has to work. Sanchi limits Veer. She unknowingly slaps Veer, which angers Anand and Savitri. Savitri slaps Sanchi in front of everyone and scolds Sanchi for slapping Veer. Veer tells his mum that Sanchi didn’t slap her, it happened by mistake, she didn’t mean to do it. Savitri scolds him for getting blind in love. She asks Veer to realize that Sanchi wants to make him dance on his fingers. She shows the wrist bands by which Jaya is controlling them. Veer gets speechless as he can’t reveal anything.


Everyone learns Mogli is Avni and Neil’s son. Mogli’s truth becomes a new problem for Avni. Avni gets the kids to a park so that they can play nicely and enjoy their free time. Someone tries to kidnap Mogli. Mogli bites the kidnapper’s hand and gets saved. Avni runs after the kidnapper and get Mogli back. She throws a stick to hit him. Kidnapper drops Mogli and runs away. Avni worries when Mogli falls down and gets hurt. She feels she needs Neil in her life to assure Mogli’s safety.


Soumya has gone away from Harman. She sleeps on the road’s side. She finds hard to survive. She thinks of doing some petty work to arrange food for herself. She reaches a toy shop to get some work. The shopkeeper Sameer thinks she is a thief, as she is also carrying a soft toy with her. He misunderstands her and starts yelling at her for the theft. He calls the people there and asks them to catch the thief. He asks Soumya where did she steal more. Soumya tries to explain that its her soft toy, she didn’t steal the toy from his shop. He takes her test to know if she is capable to join him. He learns she isn’t a thief. Sameer gets assured that she is a helpless woman in need of work and money.


After the bridge collapses down, an enquiry is held to know the culprit behind the faulty raw materials. Suraj gets trapped in the case. Karan asks Suraj to hide from the angry villagers and media, who have come to target him. Karan doesn’t care for the people who lost their lives in the accident. Suraj tells Karan that he is responsible for the accident and he wants to get punished. He feels its his fault that he couldn’t assure safety to his workers. Karan is also answerable about the safety measures at the site. He doesn’t want his name and image to get spoiled. Suraj and Chakor find Karan more concerned about his image, than the people dying around.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara return home. They arrive at an auspicious time. They wish Kabeer’s sister on her birthday. They give a birthday surprise to Aleena. Zara presents the cake for her. They have a cake cutting ceremony. They all celebrate happiness. Kabeer thanks Zara for surprising his sister. Ruksar gets jealous and leaves from there, while the family takes pictures together.


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