Ishqbaaz: Roop’s manipulations to shatter Shivika

Shivika get back together

Roop instigates Anika about the Oberois. Anika also feels wrong about her family, finding them happy with the marriage. She thinks Roop didn’t lie to her. Her trust on Shivay breaks. She feels the marriage happened for real. Roop asks Anika to see how the Oberois got Shivay remarried. She tells Anika that entire family is happy and no one thought of her sorrow. She asks Anika to think of cleaning the stain from her dad’s name and do a daughter’s duty, just like Shivay did a son’s duty towards his family. She persuades Anika to get justice for her dad. Shivay senses Anika around, but misses to see her. Roop sends Anika to the police station. She asks her to lodge a complaint against Shivay and Oberois.

Roop burns Anika’s dad’s suicide note, while he tries to save the letter from the havan kund. He gets his hand burnt to save the proof for Anika’s sake. Roop tells Shivay that nothing will matter now, as her ulterior plans have already got fulfilled.

She tells Shivay that she knows his game, she knows Rudra is the fake pandit and Omkara was helping them out. She tells Shivay that she has played a big move, by making Anika witness the staged wedding, which she assumes to be true. Roop tells Shivay that Anika got mistaken that Shivay and family are happy with the marriage and new bride. She wants Anika to cry and sink in sorrow, by accepting the cheat from Shivay. She tells Shivay that Anika may commit suicide, just like her dad. Shivay holds his anger and rushes to find Anika. He doesn’t want to lose Anika. Anika gets saddened to think about Shivay’s remarriage.

Shivay fears Anika would be taking any wrong step to end her life. Anika sheds tears. She meets with an accident. She doesn’t deter and reaches the police station. Shivay tries reaching Anika to talk out the entire plotting done by Roop.

Veer stops Shivay on the way and gets into a fight with him to fail his plans. He wants to settle all scores with Shivay. Veer beats Shivay. Shivay asks Veer to let him go to Anika. Veer tells Shivay that he won’t leave him alive to reach his wife. Shivay gets beaten to pulp. Shivay gets injured. Anika meets police and gives the evidence against the Oberois. Shivay gets back to his powerful side and fights with Veer.

He wants to meet Anika at any cost. Anika feels cheated by the family. She can’t understand why the family threw her out of their lives with ease. She thinks of supporting her own family if Shivay always gives priority to his family. Shivay beats up Veer and tries to run away. Anika changes her mind and goes out of the police station before meeting the inspector. She doesn’t want to hurt the Oberois, who have given them love and respect. She decides not to cheat the family, even if Shivay and Oberois cheated her. She feels sorry towards her dad. She promises her dad that she will prove his innocence by some other way. Roop reaches the police station to lodge the complaint against Oberois by Anika’s name. She plots to separate Shivay and Anika by a new web of misunderstanding.


  1. Bloody bua….she is ought to be shot…she is so annoying, witchy, the most horrible, insanely horrible creature on this Earth …I don’t know y is she even existing in this q
    World … painful creature…I just hope that Shivaay doesn’t misunderstand Anika n distrust her …or hate her at any cost…we will not tolerate that….Shivaay should realise that it’s all that bloody evil witch bua’s plan to manipulate him…please he should realise that

    • Ohhhh yes ,Mrinal,I’m very much tensed with this track bcuz i think again shivika will get an another leap with each other.??????

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